Dragons, tattoos, cakes, and taking the plunge in this week’s Reader Round-Up

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761This photo from our Offbeat Bride Flickr pool is killing me, y'all. Offbeat Bride reader Stephanie is rocking. that. outfit. I also love me some dragons, so I'm doing double back flips over these his-and-hers dragon drinking horns.

But wait 'til you catch a glimpse of Stephanie's visible back tattoo, oh and Tribesmaid Chloebell's outfit change, and another Tribesmaid's cheesecake pinwheels, and an under-water Save the Date, and a photo from the SCOTUS Rally for Marriage Equality that made me cry…


Us! Tribesmaid Chloebell and Rudy are blowing up our Flickr pool with their goth-y wedding details. And don't you worry, we'll be featuring this one soon. But first, here's one more tease…

Cake Cutting, DIY Cake Topper and Second dressHere they are after Chloe's outfit change cutting into their deliciously goth-y wedding cake.

Cheesecake with pinwheel cake topperIn less goth-y, more adorable-y wedding cake news… Tribesmaid Pleasebehere served cheesecake with pinwheel cake toppers!

UntitledBwahahahaha! This Save the Date delights me to no end. Tribesmaid Shondypie and Tyler took “taking the plunge” literally… at the bottom of the ocean in St. Croix. Good one, guys. I see what you did there.

Marriage Equality Rally 03I wanna end this on something that brought tears to my eyes. Offbeat Bride vendor Maggie Winters was in attendance at the Rally for Marriage Equality outside the Supreme Court last week and shot some super-touching moments of protest.

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  1. That marriage equality photo is too sweet. I’m rooting for all of the same-sex couples as well. 🙂


    Secondly, was Stephanie’s wedding dress designed by Firefly Path!?

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