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Free fingerprint balloon guestbook
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You probably know by now that we love us some guestbook alternatives. Have you guys seen our free downloadable fingerprint tree guestbook template yet?

We wanted to add to our printable offerings with an alternative to the tree illustration: a hot air balloon being carried by the fingerprints of all your guests.

Download the fingerprint balloon guestbook PDF

How to edit the PDF to make it yours:

  1. Download the PDF template here
  2. Open the PDF in PhotoshopIllustrator, or any graphics program that will open and edit a PDF (here are some free options)
  3. You can then edit your names and date as shown in the image, and then print it on the paper color of your choice
  4. Print it on the paper color of your choice
  5. Frame it, matte it, or leave it as

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Are you planning on using an alternative to the traditional guestbook? Dish in the comments!

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  1. We used a hand-decorated recipe box and recipe cards as our guest book and asked guests to write us a recipe for a successful marriage, a recipe for actual food, or any other thoughts they wanted to share. People seemed to enjoy the concept, and we got a nice mix of sentiment, humor, and food ideas.

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