I geeked out on the Offbeat Flickr Pool entries this week. It was like you guys exploded with Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Lego, and Renaissance amazingness. Moar nerds FTW!

Debbie and Philip channel the Saxons at their St. George's Day wedding. I am loving her matching bouquet and circlet.

Check out Debbie and Philip's medieval turret centerpiece on their sweetheart table too. It totally matches their colors! It's Renaissance faire season here and I'm in the zone of this wedding.

harry potter cake 082411 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
I'm not going to lie and say I haven't had dreams of Harry Potter-themed… well, everything. So this Potter/Lego groom's cake is right up my alley. Thank goodness they were cupcakes so Jenna and her groom didn't have to actually cut it.

literary bouquet 082411 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Jenna's beau is a band director, so they had to include some musical touches. Check out her paper bouquet made out of 100-year-old sheet music, feathers, lace, and tulle.

Adele and John must have done something right since they have friends who will bring their fave burritos from 200 miles away. Like she says, “Best. burrito. ever.”

Card box
Adele's mom also lovingly made this Legos + hearts card box for them. Any mom who will hand-assemble Legos in your honor is a mom worth having.

Groom's Cake
Ruth and Drew go ape shit 8-bit with an evil ball and chain and a mini wedding cake goal.

Laura and Henry get their Doctor Who on with this card box. The Time Lords agree: this one is a winner.

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Comments on Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and a burrito walk into a bar…

  1. I am immediately going out to buy a box of legos so I can make a white/blue/dinosaur themed cardbox for our Sept 24 wedding. This is great!

  2. Okay, the TARDIS is too cute! 😀 Too bad my FH doesn’t watch Doctor Who–I may have to remedy that. 😉

  3. OhmigodneedminiJareth! Now that’s out of my system, hmm lego card box? FH does come from a family of five kids, I wonder if they have any Legos still around?

  4. when i read Harry Potter in the title i started having goosebumps :)) i would get married in The Wizarding World if i could…

  5. OMG. I think I’m in love with Adele’s dress/sleeves! Please, if you’re reading this, do a profile and let us know where you got them!

    • Hahaha, I totally did a profile, but I think I did fail to point out that I’m a tribe member….

      Anyway, this picture on flickr has a description of where/how I got my outfit: http://flic.kr/p/aePcTV

      Thanks for appreciating it! I was super excited about that dress…..

  6. I would really love to know how they did that music bouquet– i’ve been thinking of doing something similar with pages from Shakespeare!! Can a girl get a how-to?? Thanks! 😀

  7. Actually, if I may submit a small correction… the closest Chipotle was indeed 200 miles away, but since our friends didn’t come from that direction, those burritos actually traveled over 300 miles to get to us. Seriously though, best burrito (and friends!) ever.

  8. No joke, I got that TARDISjar a few months ago with visions of a card box dancing in my head! The wedding’s still a little while away, so until then, it’s serving as the place we “hide” periodic grocery store surprises we get for each other.
    It looks fantastic nestled among those cupcakes up there!

    • Did you end up using the TARDIS card box? If so, how was it? Based on the photo, I’m concerned with it not being able to fit many cards! Thanks!

  9. Please, Jenna, share more pictures with us! The tantalizing bit of your dress and accessories are to die for.

  10. You have to LOVE these offbeat crazy weddings! Shame Adele’s mom didn’t make a lifesize lego cake (although there aren’t really any pink bricks)…

  11. Has Adele done a OB profile? I so want to see more of her gorgeous looking dress!

    Ok – found it on Flickr! AMAZING. Absolutly stunning and it looks beautiful on you Adele!

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