Decorate your gamer wedding with real-life Tetris pieces

Guest post by Terra


Confession: I can take no credit for these Tetris centerpiece blocks whatsoever (my future husband pretty much did these all on his own) but I wanted to share.

Things you will need:


  • 1″ wood blocks: We got a big bag of 500 1″ blocks from Woodworks! This was enough for 125 Tetris pieces.
  • Krylon indoor spray paint in various colors
  • Wood glue
  • Table saw


Using a table saw, bevel all the edges of two opposing faces at a 45 degree angle. This will give them a nice look.


Start assembling! Use a dab of wood glue on the non-beveled faces. SMUSH those blocks together as hard as you can so the glue spreads out well.


Wipe off any excess glue, then let dry.


Finally, paint in your favorite colors! Technically there should probably be two colors of the zig zag blocks since there are two types (one is a mirror of the other) but we can flip them in real life unlike in the game… so he decided it didn't matter. 😉


Here's a box of blocks, all ready to go to be used as centerpieces and decorations at our wedding.

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Comments on Decorate your gamer wedding with real-life Tetris pieces

  1. I LOVE this! We totally should have done this at our wedding! Oh, Offbeat Bride, why did I have to find you AFTER I was married???

  2. I love those! I bet you could also use those blocks to reproduce 8-bit or 16-bit iconic items… mushrooms, heart containers, fire flowers… 😀 *Schemes*

  3. I’m already married, so I can’t use this for centre pieces, but I kinda LOVE this idea for decorating our apartment. I’m going to have to include it somehow, I just LOVE this!

  4. Ooo!!! You could combine Melissa and Sarah’s ideas and make 8 bit wall art!!!! This is SUCH a cool idea!

  5. How much did you pay for the blocks? I can’t find the Woodworks company you’re talking about online. They have a website but not an option to buy the blocks.

  6. I am doing a Tetris wedding and I can’t wait to use this idea. Thank you SO MUCH for posting!!

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