DIY boutonniere miracle: magnetic boutonniere backs

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Magnetic boutonniere backs via @offbeatbride

Ash and Adam rocked some pretty killer DIY boutonnieres, but the real secret is that Ash rigged them together with magnetic backs! So handy. So easy to put on and take off. Make your DIY boutonnieres a little more user-friendly with these little guys.

This was her revelation:

The dudes wore gray vests and pants, and I threw together some boutonnieres with feathers and a fancy little samurai knot (did you guys know that they sell magnetic boutonniere backs?! Genius.).
Magnetic boutonniere backs via @offbeatbride Magnetic boutonniere backs via @offbeatbride

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MOAR DIY boutonniere ideas:

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  1. We did have magnetic backs for the boutonnieres at our wedding. My husband had seen them on TV and really wanted them so I asked the florist. They were different than the ones used above and unfortunately they didn’t work (the magnets were not strong enough) so they had to use pins (and they were $10 each). Luckily my friend acting as DOC and our officiant handled all of that (I have seen this group of men wear boutonnieres upside down and attempt to put the pin in perpendicular – so they needed some guidance).

  2. I just wanted to say a giant THIS to the whole concept of magnets on clothes. I worked at a True Value once upon a time and my name badge was magnetic instead of a pin, and it saved my shirt more times than I can count. As an added bonus, it even saved a few earrings that fell out of my ears before I figured out that I should really use those plastic backer things. Anywho, magnets. Just make sure they’re strong and positioned above the tipping point of the boutonnieres, or they will fall off or tip over. Having multiple magnets or a bar-shaped magnet may also help with this. Stronger magnets will, of course, be required for thicker/more layers of fabric, and balance will be more important in thinner and stretchier fabrics.

  3. I used magnets on my boutonnières and corsages at my wedding. I made Then myself and used a combination of button flowers and paper leaves that everyone had and the personalized each one with something that was special to the person. My husband’s cousin (who sung and played the guitar) got a mini guitar, my husbands was all comic books, etc. The best part – they turned the boutonnières and corsages into magnets for their fridge after wards. I loved seeing something from my wedding being used again!

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