transformer shoes

What you are looking at on the left there are the first ever (that I know of) Transformers decoupage shoes. Offbeat Bride Virginia made these shoes out old ballet flats and her husband's old comic books from the 1980s.

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Comments on Decoupaged comic book shoes

  1. That is love. He let her use his old comics from the 80s for the project. It makes for some great and personally meaningful wedding shoes!

    • Yeesh, I hope he was careful choosing the comics. Some of the old ones can be pretty valuable.

      Otherwise very cool idea.

  2. YESSS!!! These are so awesome! I’ve been searching for MONTHS to find the perfect shoes… If you can post directions that would be so fab!

  3. awesome! I love these.
    don’t think my boyfriend would let me cut up his old comics though…

  4. i love this idea. i am doing the same sort of thing, but on pumps with robots and zombies, since our theme is apocalyptic steampunk.

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