Cyber clubwear wedding dress!? BELIEVE IT!

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When I saw this photo pop up in the Offbeat Bride photo pool, I thought to myself HEY WAIT A MINUTE!
That gorgeous wedding dress? I KNOW THAT DRESS! I'VE WORN THAT DRESS! It's called the Druid Dress and it's made by a UK clubwear company called Alienskin Clothing.


It's 100% cotton and stretchy and suuuper comfortable and comes with these amazing arm-warmers and overlock stitched detailing and it's completely cyber/raver clubwear and yet OH MY GOD it makes a stunning wedding dress.

And I guarantee you, that's the most comfortable woman ever featured on Offbeat Bride. No corsets, no boning, no lacing up or scratchy crinoline. Just stretchy cotton and a little bit of fairy magic. It's also the first hooded wedding dress I've ever seen. I'm in love! If you love it as much as I do, check out Alienskin‘s other truly offbeat bridal wear.

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Comments on Cyber clubwear wedding dress!? BELIEVE IT!

  1. That is awesome! I hadn’t seen that photo pop up in the Flickr pool yet!

  2. This is the first dress to give me any pause about my gorgeous custom corset dress that i am going to rock… the thought of being sexy in comfy cotton all day and night sounds marvelous, but my reality will be a bit different! oh well, i wear soft comfy cozy every other day of my life…

  3. Wow!!! Thank you so much Ariel for adding this beautiful photo of Fran getting married in the custom made Druid Dress that I made for her 😀
    It was wonderful to make a wedding outfit and I hope to make many more in the future.
    Sparkles and Light,
    ~Kate technodolly~

  4. Oh sweet you used the piccie! :))

    I’d bought a few things from Kate before and they’ve always been fab so when it came to ordering a wedding dress I knew who to call!
    I was really pleased with the result, and yup it was super comfy… perfect for the Antigua weather. Highly recommended! 😀

  5. I have seen that dress once. Alienskin has some really nice clothing. I fell in love with that dress, and since it is cotton, it can be dyed any color! *shudders from happiness*

  6. Unrelated to weddings, but now I’ve been to their website and I am in LUST with the Clairie Miss Faerie Top…too bad the pound/dollar exchange is still so rough. 🙁

  7. unrelated to previous comments, but my first ever hooded wedding dress was the one in the movie “so i married an axe murderer.” i’ve always thought a hood was a brilliant alternative to a veil!

  8. Hey Ariel – and anyone else who has worn this dress – how opaque is this thing? It doesn't look as opaque as a sweatshirt, but not as thin as a t-shirt either… Just worried about the seethrough aspect, as being comfy in a wedding gown sounds mighty fine to me.

  9. I totally heard the BELIEVE IT in Naruto’s anime voice. Is this right?

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