Print custom wedding glassware for your attendants (…or guests!)

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Looking for a customized gift to please thirsty bridesmaids, groomsmen, bridesboys, groomsgirls, and whatever attendants you've got? Offbeat Bride Tribe member Krissybeth included these adorable custom glasses in her welcome bags for her attendants, printed with the logo from her wedding invitations. Kristen said, “We were so surprised at the quality for the price — we paid $110 for 40 glasses, and they're awesome. Nice, heavy glasses, and the imprint is beautiful.” (Check this post for more info: A welcome bag with an awesome, party-friendly, “emergency kit.”)

If you've got a larger budget, you could even print glasses as favors for ALL your guests — you can get 96 custom pint glasses for $545.

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  1. I have been searching for how-to-get-custom-etched-glasses forEVER. Thank you!

  2. hmmm… somehow $110 for 40 glasses doesn’t work out to $545 for 96. did kristen use a different company?

  3. Such a cute idea! Definitely something that’s still useful when they go home (plus they will always know when your wedding was!).

  4. What a cute glass, and a red stripped straw! where in the hell did you find that? I can never find red stripped straws.

  5. We did this for our glassware and favors! We did custom printed mason jar mugs from Grandstand Glassware and Apparel, and Straw lids from Fillmore Container. Our wedding was outdoors, and I couldn’t stomach everyone tossing a plastic cup for every drink, or having regular glasses that are easy to drop, etc. The lids also meant that not a single drop of booze was spilt on our dance floor! (Click my name for a link to a pic!)

    We got paper keychain tags and tied them onto the handles with twine for people to label their cups.

    Lots of people didn’t take them (standard for any favor) but we packed all of ours up and now use them whenever we host a party. Never have to buy solo cups again!

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