Celebrate ALL your relationships on your wedding anniversary

Guest post by Roxanne Werner

We planned for our ceremony to be the star of the show — we had a string quartet, wrote it from scratch, penned our own vows. Everybody cried. But then it started pouring rain about an hour before the ceremony, and we almost didn't make it to the reception. When we did, the lights were out (and had been out for at least an hour) and the front part of the hall was flooded. Then, in some sort of wedding miracle, my dad and the DJ worked to get us another location for the party. All of our wedding guests pitched to help us move the whole thing, cupcakes and presents included, to the new location.

Now each time our anniversary has come around, I think about how much I love my husband, but also how much I love all of the people in my life. I'm grateful to have him, but it also makes me think how full of gratitude I am to have people who wanted to help us have a great wedding when they could have just gone home. It made me even more connected to them, to be able to share such a special day, to be to also see them stick out some not-so-perfect spots. It's really almost too good of an analogy — friends who help you through the storm.

So usually around the time of our anniversary, I start thinking of my friends and family, and calling, setting up lunch dates, etc. Celebrating community is the reason we had a wedding in the first place, right? So doesn't the anniversary mark a perfect point to celebrate that community, and how much it's grown? I think so.

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  1. I love this! It reminds me of my first anniversary, when my husband and I took my mom out to dinner. She asked if we really wanted to be spending our anniversary with her. We pointed out that we’d invited her to the wedding, so why wouldn’t we want her around on our anniversary? (This was all the husband’s idea, too!)

  2. Our 6th anniversary was Sunday, and on Monday, I started posting pics on Facebook to celebrate. I noticed that pic after pic that I wanted to share were ones with friends & family, especially the special people who made all our DIY insanity come together. How could I not celebrate these wonderful ladies: http://imgur.com/MR5sX

  3. We just celebrated our first anniversary by taking our parents out for dinner. It seemed the natural thing to do, and we spent a wonderful night reminiscing about the wedding and all that led up to it. Next year we might take out our best man and woman, or we might make the parents’ dinner a tradition. Our community was what made our wedding so special, so it seems right to honour that.

  4. I totally agree, & I feel the same way about birthdays! Why should we be celebrating the fact that I’ve lived another year? Let’s celebrate how much all of YOU (my loved ones) have supported me & made another year of my life amazing!

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