Yes there are colorful, eco-friendly, custom wedding dresses that won’t kill your budget

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The Samsara dress
The Samsara dress

This might seem like a tall wedding dress order: Hi, I want my dress to be eco-friendly, support an indie designer, completely custom-made, affordable, and also incredibly unique. But with our long-time sponsor (and long-time favorite of Offbeat Brides) Wai-Ching, can fulfill that order.

Chrissy Wai-Ching Leung specializes in custom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and colorful bridal gowns that are handmade in Seattle. Which means she offers custom fits and designs, as well as custom colors and embroidery!

The Zolotova dress
Like her amazing Zolotova dress that she can-and-has made in almost every color combo!

In fact, she can do all that and make a dress so beautiful her clients aren't just happy, they're super-fans, who think “it's hard to imagine why everyone doesn't go to Wai-Ching.”

Check out what more real Wai-Ching brides have to say…

The Dahlia dress in light blue.
The Dahlia dress in light blue.

“Chrissy is a wonder. After spending weeks trying on wedding dresses, I'd given up on finding anything I'd liked. Then I discovered Wai-Ching. Her studio is a wonderland of beautiful clothing. She had me try on anything I found interesting, and then designed a wedding dress based on my favorite pieces of those dresses. The result was the most beautiful dress I'd ever seen. Perfectly tailored, dyed my favorite color, and completely unique.

And it cost less than some of the non-custom dresses I'd seen, it's hard to imagine why everyone doesn't go to Wai-Ching. Chrissy is kind, professional, and extremely talented. ” Kelly- Seattle

The Verbena dress
The Verbena dress

“As a plus sized gal, I had a horrendous experience a few years back getting a bridesmaid dress made at a traditional wedding shop, and have had PTSD about those places since. I tried one traditional wedding store, and had given up on the whole thing. It was miserable.

Then I found Wai Ching… and thought it sounded more like something I could handle. I was not disappointed. The dress fit great, I was so happy with it, and Chrissy went over and beyond to help out with fittings and making me feel comfortable. She knew what would look good, and added beautiful custom embroidery. I cannot thank everyone there enough.” -Anyta, NYC

The Origami dress
The Origami dress

“Chrissy is the most amazing person to work with…. Her pricing is transparent which is amazing as a bride. I gave her my measurements and a deposit and my dress was in the works. I received it a few months later and it was perfection. My dream dress.

Even if you can't make it out to Seattle, order with her if you love one of her dresses. She is so great to work with and my dress needed ZERO alterations. None. …I have the best wedding photos you could imagine, and I know much of it is because of this incredible dress.” -Julie, Chicago

Chrissy Wai-Ching works by appointment only, so you get your own colorful, eco-friendly, custom wedding dresses, you need to contact her ASAP.

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  1. These dresses are absolutely stunning, and the prices seem really on the mark. I really appreciate how she shows photos of her dresses “in the wild” so you can see all the custom details.

  2. She’s amazing! She made my sister-in-law’s wedding dress, and bridesmaid dresses for the three bridesmaids, who are also picky, plus-size, and very different body shapes. They came out amazing- gorgeous raw silk, hand-dyed green and blue, she did the necklines and back detail customized for each of us, and even included some light boning for a sleek look in the bodice. AND the dress only cost $500- which is cheaper than anything we looked at at David’s Bridal and other box stores. Plus, she and her assistants were cheerful, knowledgeable, delivered on-time, allowed multiple fittings, and didn’t bat an eye when I went around petting all of the amazing dresses in her studio. I’ll be hiring her to make my own wedding gown next year.

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