PinkChandeliers are showing up in indie weddings lately — and I don't just mean literally. I mean sure, there was this amazing (and amazingly expensive) display from photographer Elizabeth Messina's wedding. I also love these shots of chandeliers in trees.

But chandeliers are also showing up on invites, like the handmade ones here the left from Mary Katherine, these lovely invites from Etsy seller EnfinLaVoila, and these invites from Wedding Paper Divas.

I think the real value in a fancy-ass chandelier comes from the contrast of all that frou-frou-ness in an unexpected environment, like this picture.

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Comments on Chandelier trend

  1. That’s funny that you posted this because last night I was messing around with a chandelier image on my invites, but alas, I opted not to do it.

  2. Lisa at Blush did a great series of posts about incorporating chandeliers into your wedding a while ago that you might check out, too!

  3. hmmmm…. I wonder if I can convince my dad to add some chandeliers to his backyard/wedding reception reno budget….

  4. Yeah for style me pretty. While it is very straight laced, it also has alot of DIY and great images! Cheers!

  5. Holy Fiddlesticks! Thanks for using my invite shot. I lovelovelove chandeliers.

  6. I’ve been seriously considering purchsing three of these crazy chandeliers for our reception party…
    but we have to find out if it’s be cool to hang them in the train depot.

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