Capture your post-ceremony glow with a ceremony selfie

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Ceremony selfie idea!
Photo by Carlos Ponce

Remember this totally off-the-wall and awesome guacamole unity ceremony? Within that kick-ass ceremony was another nugget of a great idea: a ceremony selfie! Or is it an Usie? We're totally pro-selfie around here, so taking control of your post-ceremony glow is a-okay by us. Plus, you get to include your whole guest list in the photo if you want.

The dreaded selfie stick actually works wonders for this particular endeavor, so maybe hide one in a bouquet and whip it out after your big smooch (or high five, post-ceremony dance, etc.). Or stick with your regular phone.

Here's what Marika said about hers that we've featured here…

After our first kiss, we also “sealed with a selfie,” and it's probably our favorite picture.

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