Cemetary wedding in Austin
Ok, so the title is a bit of a misnomer: Tobi & Dick actually just did the pre-wedding portraits in a cemetery, and had the wedding itself elsewhere. But still, you must check out these photos (courtesy of Austin photographer Suzi Q) for the bride's boots, pac-man groom's cake, tat-loving grandmas, and skull theme.

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“Darling, I just love your backpiece!”

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Lots more photos over here! (And thanks to Suzi for sending this in.)

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Comments on Cemetery wedding in Austin

  1. LOVE that the groom wore his hatchetman charm! I always planned on encouraging my bridal party to wear their’s & I’m certainly going to get pictures of them (& show off my hatchetman tattoo!). MCL!

  2. Finally someone used those kickass Pac Man cupcakes =] We’re having the Mario version at our wedding.
    Looks like everyone had a blast!

  3. Love it!!! Don’t even know where to start; all I can say is congrats on making it it fabulous and making your own rules.


  4. These photos are gorgeous. Weddings shot on film are so delicious and rich.
    I love this wedding!

  5. and she wore blue nail polish! *swoon*

    (I wish I’d thought of that, but my groom has a phobia of strange nail colours)

  6. love the pacman cupcakes!!

    and that dress is the one i picked out for my wedding too!! 🙂

  7. Thank you guys for the rockin’ comments! It was such a great day. As for the dress, I went through a whole debauchle with a company recommended on this site and they RUINED my $2,000 couture by FedExing it to India to be beaded. YOU NEVER FED EX these types of things! So I found that dress, at David’s Bridal of all places in the PROM section! Can we say inexpensive and pretty rockin’ ($160)?! Thanks to all of you and to Suzi Q (photographer and now close friend, http://www.qweddings.com), Lavender and Roses Cakes (Liz Gifford), Cheryl Waetherford for flowers, and Cool River Cafe for the raging party spot. They helped me pull the entire wedding off for under 10 grand, which is a coup!

  8. Hey!
    It was a fun wedding! Everything went perfect and it was my daughter’s day. Suzi (the photographer) was awesome. The wedding cake was truly a show stopper. We had people coming from all over Cool River to look at the cake. The flowers were breathtaking. Brides to be–DO IT YOUR WAY! ENJOY YOUR DAY!

  9. I lovvvve that dress! When I worked at DB I almost bought it the second it came in. You looked awesome in it!

  10. So fantastic!!! Love the pacman cupcakes that is such a cute idea!! my fiance’s cousin got married in a cemetary as well a couple years ago. it was in the local newspaper. Any advice ive needed about planning an offbeat wedding, ive just asked her since shes been there/done that. Great, great job 🙂

  11. I love it! Completely fantastic! and so glad to know Matt and I aren’t the only ones centering our wedding around a cemetery!

  12. We are doing our wedding in Sept. and I am looking for zombie vows got a few ideas flowing but was curious as to what yours were if dont mind asking? BY THE WAY LOVE LOVE LOVE the hatchet man!!!! Whoop Whoop! me n mine plan on repn as well:D hoping our gift to each other is the hatchet girl on my hand and hatchet man on his but when hold hands they kiss:D congrats again and hope to hear back from you.

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