Autumn weddings = times for capes & cloaks!

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I've written before about my love of wedding cloaks, but now that it's time for the autumn weddings, my love of a little magic over the shoulder has been renewed.

J.R. Blackwell put a great twist on the cloak concept when she gave her wedding party colored cloaks to demarkate their roles — her maid of honor had a red cloak, and her other two bridesmaids were in copper. Looks like the same color scheme held true for the groomsmen.

Best part? Looks like the wedding party had a lot of fun with their capes!

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  1. Ok, I totally just looked at every photo that was posted and I’m in love with their wedding. I just faved a handful so I can use them for inspiration someday and because as someone always taking photos, this wedding was a visual treat 🙂

    I love that in their photos the couple looks so happy and really in love. *swoons*

  2. That is so awesome! I’m looking into wearing a cape or cloak at my wedding since it’ll be in the wintertime (or so I hope)… thanks for the neat pictures!

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