A creepy and elegant gothic wedding

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 | Photography by Michelle Johnson
A creepy and elegant gothic wedding on @offbeatbride
Photos by Michelle Johnson Photography


If you're into black calla lilies, Swarovski crystals, and a wedding oozing with glamour and goth style, this just might be your perfect wedding.

Samantha and Steven both look flawless with their extensive ink, perfectly coiffed ‘dos (including purple curls and mantilla veil!), and formal fashion.

They had a Halloween-themed reception which meshed with their gothic looks perfectlyโ€ฆ think dark candelabras, a spooky candy buffet, purple lighting, and fog.

Their sweetheart table had his-and-hers leather thrones, blood red goblets, and a even a crow! Thanks to photographer Michelle Johnson for sharing this snazzy-pants wedding with us.

A creepy and elegant gothic wedding on @offbeatbride
Samantha's aunt handmade all of the bouquets.


A creepy and elegant gothic wedding on @offbeatbride

A creepy and elegant gothic wedding on @offbeatbride

A creepy and elegant gothic wedding on @offbeatbride
Steven bought Samantha her beautiful Swarvoski crystal heels as a wedding gift.


A creepy and elegant gothic wedding on @offbeatbride

A creepy and elegant gothic wedding on @offbeatbride

A creepy and elegant gothic wedding on @offbeatbride

A creepy and elegant gothic wedding on @offbeatbride
The venue was Pasadena Masonic Temple in Pasadena, California.


A creepy and elegant gothic wedding on @offbeatbride

A creepy and elegant gothic wedding on @offbeatbride

A creepy and elegant gothic wedding on @offbeatbride

A creepy and elegant gothic wedding on @offbeatbride

A creepy and elegant gothic wedding on @offbeatbride

A creepy and elegant gothic wedding on @offbeatbride

A creepy and elegant gothic wedding on @offbeatbride

Can't get enough of this couple? We checked in with them a few years after the wedding and wrote a follow up post! Wait until you see their baby stroller

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Comments on A creepy and elegant gothic wedding

  1. Melting into a happy little puddle of goo at how cool the whole thing looks. MELTING.

  2. This isn’t even my personal favorite kind of wedding, but…. WOW! Everything is stunning. And that picture of them both looking at the camera is just FULL of personality; it’s intense!

  3. I think this may be my favorite wedding I’ve seen on here ever. I love her hair and that candy bar is amazing!

      • Samantha you totally turned this OUT!!! I am planning a black and royal blue. You are my insperation now! How long did this take to pull off?

        • We planned it for about a year or so..I had a lot of help from my Mother-in-law…dont give up on searching for everything you want! I cant wait to see pictures:)

          • Thank you! I will be going with a black tea length dress and a royal blue hooded cape long enough to train. We set our date almost two years out so there would have time to get it perfect! Do you recommend. Any online vendors for supplies or decorations?

  4. This is amazing. If we had had the money, that would have been how our venue would have looked, but red. Beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. This is my new favorite wedding. The Goth… The Glam… I think I just died a little inside. I swear I am not biased because the bride and I share the same color hair. Okay, well maybe a little.

  6. Omg…GASP! DROOL! I love the purple carried through everywhere. A lot of Goths would go with red (my first instinct), but that purple is so majestic and somehow just a tad creepier without being as aggressive. SO beautiful!

    • You have no idea what a headache getting all the purples to match was! I never knew there were soooooo many purples out there!! My Mother-In-Law helped soo much and carried around a swatch every where we would go to make sure they matched!

      • Hello! Love the pictures of your wedding! I stumbled across it on Pinterest and iIam ccompletely obsessed with your necklace, it would go perfectly with my dress, would you mind telling me where you got it? Thanks!!

    • Its actually not a Swarovski necklace. It is my Grandmother-in-laws from the 50’s I believe. ๐Ÿ™‚ I would look at Antique/Vintage stores!

      • Samantha – FTW! Not since I saw that couples zombie engagement photos online have I adored something so much. Your wedding is just absurdly fantastic! Question – how in gawds name did you get your hair that color purple? (or is it a wig?). Been trying to get my hair this color for 2 years without success.

  7. Creepy? I see nothing creepy about it. It looks fun, and a LOT less stuffy than most weddings!

  8. gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would love to be a guest at that wedding

    and can I just say I LOVE the maid of honors dress too!

  9. zomg! so many ideas filling my head! GORGEOUS wedding! I can only hope to have something just as spooky and elegant. <3

  10. Her eye makeup is what my brain is hanging up on. It’s like, “Want!” Gorgeous couple!

  11. Love love love this wedding!! Absolutely beautiful while still offbeat and elegant

  12. Holy freaking cow this wedding is amazing!! From the cake, to the candy, to the hair, to the nails.. everything about this wedding is 100% unique and 100% great!

  13. This is such an amazing wedding-i want purple hair now. She looks so hot (groom looks good as well but the girl took the show-such as it should be ;). ) LOVE THIS WEDDING

  14. Ho.Lee.Doodle.

    This is ALL kinds of beautiful, so darkly sumptuous and perfectly put together. You are Captain Glamour of the Dark Sparkle Brigade, for serious.

  15. oMG wow!! Everything about this wedding is fabulous and so perfectly coordinated. The bride is GORGEOUS, I wonder if she models?! The dresses,, the tuxes, the candy, the FLOWERS wow, drooling over here. Must have one hell of a talented aunt to maks bouqets like that….

  16. And some photographers claim offbeat weddings aren’t classy enough for their portfolios! They haven’t see this one!

  17. Two words: THAT CAKE!!! *drool* Two more: Those shoes! What an amazing guy your have to get you those kicks. Simply beautiful.

  18. All the purple accents, plus argyle socks on the groomsmen, and spats on the groom? Amaaaaazing!

  19. Oh my GOD, that bride is insanely gorgeous! All brides are beautiful, of course, but Samantha….holy shit! I’m not a huge fan of gothic anything , but this wedding may have changed my mind. Everything is stunning and spot-on. And that hair! Insane, beautiful, silky, wavy, purple hair! *squee*!

    • I’m so glad someone else said that – I don’t usually stare at strange women but she’s truly one of the prettiest ladies I’ve ever seen.

    • I <3 Grace and Kira ! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am totally reading these comments whenever I am having a bad day! Thank you!

  20. So so so beautiful. This wedding as well as the couple make me smile !

  21. Oh the purple, not quite eggplant, but totally perfect. And her makeup is faboo. Black-lights are awesome too.

  22. That’s my cousin-in-law n she’s always had such glamorous class n style with an edge

  23. I absolutely LOVE all of this! Exactly the style I have been looking for – trying to get elegant Gothic wedding ideas is hard when most searches come up with cheesy Halloween’ish themes. This is stunning! Also PURPLE HAIR WIN here too lol! Thanks for posting these!

  24. Oh my goddess this is simply gorgeous! The dresses, the favours, the PURPLE! I’m trying to stop myself changing all my plans and going with a similar theme.

    Good gods, the purple! It’s fabulous!!

  25. Hi, I love this purple hair colour it looks amazing! By any chance does anyone know what brand and shade the hair dye is?
    Many Thanks!

    • THANK YOU!.. it is Pravana Violet ๐Ÿ™‚ I have now dyed my hair black…so sad!

      • Can you PLEASE tell me what color your hair was BEFORE you dyed it with Pravan.
        That color is the EXACT color purple I have been striving for and I am always worried it will come out too pastel if I bleach it first, but with dark heir the paurple barely shows up.
        I have not used Pravana yet, but before I do, just wondering if you started off with totally white hair, or what?
        Thank you very much for your help! I am doing a black and purple wedding myself, my dress is going to be black, and I would love for my hair to be this color, thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Would love to know who designed her dress and shoes. GORGEOUS!!! Loved this article. The wedding pictures were breathtakingly beautiful! THANK YOU!

    • Thank You so much!
      The dress was Oleg Cassini and the shoes are Bordellos but were customized with hand glued Swarovski crystals!:)

  27. This wedding is stunning! I have just added about every photo to my wedding inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so glad that there have been a few more goth weddings featured again!

  28. Simply spectacular! LOVE the juxtaposition of the traditional white with lace and mantilla veil with train and the super gothy elegance. the bouquet is incredible but it’s the argyle socks the men had that I will be looking for (I already have aurora borealis necklaces or that would be first on my list)
    GORGEOUS and Congratulations!

  29. oh my!!! I am seriously speechless! I am so glad that others, like us can enjoy our wedding! Thank you so much for your awesome comments! I will try to respond to every one that had questions. <3 you all!

    • You guys did an amazing job and you look awesome. Congrats on a long life together.

  30. Stunning!!!!

    What color did you use on your hair? That is the most gorgeous shade of purple ever!!

  31. Eeek! Such a beautiful wedding! I just totally changed my mind about my color scheme after seeing this. Samantha, where did you get the bridesmaids’ dresses and what shade of purple is that?

  32. This is…wow. I am speechless. I was originally going to go with black and red, but after seeing this, you have changed my mind! This is absolutely stunning and just my style!! And Samantha, you are stunning as well! Best wishes to you both.

  33. Gorgeous! Purple is my favorite color! I wanted my wedding black and purple theme but I thought black/red would be more suitable. Now I really want the purple again! With lavender roses!

    You are an absolutely lovely couple. I love your graveyard tattoo. <3 And I must know where you got that ribcage brooch. I'm obsessed with spooky jewelry. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Wow amazing wedding everything about it is so beautiful!! I just love it. I may have to change my colors for my New Years wedding now after seeing how amazing the purple looks.
    I know you said the color you used for your hair was Pravana Violet, but your hair looks quite dark underneath. Did you start with blonde hair or bleach it before having the violet applied? I would love to get that exact hair color for my wedding!!!!
    Thank so much for posting your wedding photos and great video totally dramatic and sweet.
    Thanks again.

  35. Whatever the bride does for a living,she needs to leave it NOW and go into wedding planning. If she used her wedding photos to advertise her services she would be booked up till Doomsday.

  36. Spats! YES! I can only hope of convincing the man to let me make him some! And “black” callas and fiddle heads? Awesome sauce. Wonderfully put together! The moth ball’d Gothic me is insanely jealous. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. Stunning! I think that Halloween themes usually fall flat for me, but this is fantastic! I would have LOVED to be at this wedding. The shoes, the hair, the dresses, the cake. Perfect! Brava!

  38. DROOLING……. the bouquet is sexy, the shoes are sexy, the purple & black theme sooo sexy. LOVE

  39. Pretty much this wedding is making go, holy shit this is awesome. And where in the world did you find the cake topper?!?! I love’s it!

  40. i love what they did…looks great! plus it’s different ๐Ÿ™‚ they look happy regardless

  41. Oh my gosh, the bride is absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful style, and the entire wedding set up is incredibly amazing. I wish my husband and I had gotten married like this. It is incredibly unique, and there is so much that I love about it, I really cannot even put words to all of it. I’d like to add that the bride’s tattoos (especially the rabbit tattoo on her arm), are absolutely beautiful. Stunningly gorgeous photos. Congratulations to the bride and groom all the way around.

    • They are silver bordello’s and he had a lady glue individual Swarvoski crystals on to them ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. This is typically not my style or taste but omg I just love this. You both look simply smashing. The whole thing is spectacular. I am completely in awe.

  43. OMG that color of purple is to die for, I have to know what that shade is called! What an amazing wedding!

  44. OK I am older/retired and this isn’t actually my cup of tea, that being said, you look so beautiful and everyone looks so happy and isn’t that what everyone wants on their wedding day? Congratulations on having the wedding of your dreams and many happy years together is my wish for you both!

  45. The wedding was flawless. Gorgeous! I love the way it all looked, and it is similar to what I picture in my head for my own! So perfect. Congrats!

  46. Stunning! I love the cake and of course being a purple fan I adore all the purple!
    Do you know what brand of hair dye she used on her hair?

  47. love everything about this wedding…great colors, great ideas…really shows this couple’s fun personality!!!

  48. Oh my wow!!! I looove this!!! Me and my other half are planning a masquerade ball themed wedding. I absolutely love how different and glamorous this wedding looked! They both look amazing!

  49. You are my inspiration, by the way. I absolutely want to dye my hair purple and you have done it in such an eloquent and classy way. I have some facial piercings (monroe, nose, smiley). Did you take yours out just for the day and do you regret it? I cannot decide if I want mine in my photos or not. I will for sure keep the smiley.

  50. Not only did they have the most spectacular wedding, now they have the most beauitful daughter, llove llove love them both or now all three

  51. Where did your groomsmen get their tuxes from? I’m getting married in September. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks!!

  52. This couple has amazing sex appeal! She is stunning & he is hot…..wonderfully paired! Luv everything about them & their wedding! Congrats!

  53. I love this wedding! Just “Beautiful “! Mine you I am a 57 year young Woman of color, but I could do something like this, even the purple hair! Wonder how my gray would take it?

  54. I’m in LUV! I have never died my hair in my life but that hair is makin’ me a convert! The shade, the shine, it’s just so perfectly purplely awesomely awesome!…I just do not even have words for its awesomeness!

  55. I wish I knew what flowers, etc. were used in that gorgeous bouquet! I’d love to have something like this for my wedding. And the shoes gave me life! Where do you get custom Bordello Swarovski shoes? Everything was absolutely beautiful!

  56. Oh wow, that bouquet!!! Its so dark! And there’s something about the bride’s expression in that first picture… it looks like total happiness, but also a little sexy. Love it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Great site. Lots of useful info here. I am sending it to some friends ans additionally sharing in delicious.
    And obviously, thank you for your sweat!

  58. I looove this!!! Me and my other half are planning a masquerade ball themed wedding. I absolutely love how different and glamorous this wedding looked! They both look amazing! Yes

  59. I looove this!!! Me and my other half are planning a masquerade ball themed wedding. I absolutely love how different and glamorous this wedding looked! They both look amazing!I looove this!!! Me and my other half are planning a masquerade ball themed wedding. I absolutely love how different and glamorous this wedding looked! They both look amazing!

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