Making the CutI loves me some non-traditional wedding cakes, and this one is almost more landscape than cake. You've got rolling hills of fruits and almond slivers and towers of strawberries and those phallic bananas and holy hell: it's enough sweets to feeds a small nuptial army!

The caption refers to it as a “cake installation” which makes the point that this is more than wedding dessert: this is fucking ART.

(Thanks to The Voice of Eye for the photo!)

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Comments on Cake-scape

  1. Great idea for the gluten/wheat-free needs too! and how cool to get to assign an artist friend with an installation for a wedding, yeah!

  2. Ha! I made that cake with my then girlfriend, now wife Deborah Mangrum-Price.

    Dan wanted a Fruitcake! While I’m not a baker, I used Betty Crocker mix (20) baked in shallow pans.
    I mixed in different types of dried fruit, cranberries with chocolate chips pineapple etc… make up your own combo’s but put dried fruit into the cake mix.. we took the baked pans and noodles of fresh sliced fruit and assembled the cake on site during the day prior to the ceremony. sliced strawberries, apricots, banana raspberries etc there was no icing!! the sweet fruit and just a light dusting of powdered sugar was a perfect combo we also drizzled bit of chocolate syrup and raspberry drizzle all around …. the cake was devoured….

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