Cads About Matrimony is the ONLY wedding game you’ll want to play (sorry, toilet paper dresses)

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Cads About Matrimony

Remember when we introduced you to Cads About Matrimony — the game for the snark-loving bachelorette party, invented by a Tribesmaid? Well, this is your feel-good story of the day…

After seeing how popular the $5 print-it-yourself version was, our reader Ailea started a Kickstarter for a pro version, and (thanks in part to you guys) got fully funded! So now you can buy that sexy, sleek box of wedding-snark fun instead of having to find a working printer (because, if you're like me, that task is A LOT harder than planning a wedding).

Let's take a peek inside the sexy sleek box from our sponsor Cads About Matrimony

What is Cads About Matrimony?

cads about humanity cards

Cads About Matrimony is based on the same basic matching concept of Apples To Apples and (obviously) Cards Against Humanity. One player reads a question card out loud. The other players each submit an answer card. The best answer wins. The twist here is that all the questions and clues in Cads About Matrimony make a mockery of (what else?) marriage and weddings.

Who wants to play?

Cads About Matrimony party box

Maybe you're dreading your bridal shower or bachelorette party — the tired spectacle of booze, clichés, and terrible, soul-shrivelling games, the mortifying props, the forced lechery. Or maybe you're planning your friend's bachelorette or wedding shower, and want to COMPLETELY avoid all of that nonsense. Then Cads About Matrimony is going to be your new best party friend.

Where can you get your hands on these bad boys?


Well thanks to all y'all, the game that's going to revolutionize weddings games can be purchased on the Cads About Matrimony website or from Amazon (with Prime shipping no less!).

So that means you can stop wasting toilet paper, and start playing Cads About Matrimony!

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Comments on Cads About Matrimony is the ONLY wedding game you’ll want to play (sorry, toilet paper dresses)

  1. The font face looks like the guys from “Cards Against Humanity” made this … I’m definitely playing this game at some point!

  2. I donated to the kickstarter and got my set of cards not too long ago. I LOVE IT. I haven’t gotten a chance to play yet, but this is probably going to be the only game we play at my bachelorette party, and I’m so glad I got to help them start producing them!

  3. Wish that they had made the backs of the cards more like the CAH ones, so I could mix these into our pre-existing decks.

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