I'm already harassing Lisa and her red dress, striped tights, and sparkling shoes to tell us more (MUCH MORE) about her August wedding. But for now, we will have to tide ourselves over with a few teaser photos.

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I'm not normally drawn to poofy skirts, but this one is full of WIN! I mean, for serious:

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AND THE BRIDESMAIDS! Holy hell. Tough + gorgeous = hawt.

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What's amusing to me is that as SOON as I saw these photos, I immediately knew this was a UK Offbeat Bride wedding. I don't know what it is, but you ladies have a distinct look that I adore. A little historical, a little dark, and very very RED!

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  1. This is amazing! And everyone looks so good. I really love the groom's top hat and jacket. And if you're gonna go ballgown, that red one is the way to go.

  2. This is amazing! And everyone looks so good. I really love the groom's top hat and jacket. And if you're gonna go ballgown, that red one is the way to go.

  3. This post literally left me speechless…

    "But its so…and her shoes they…..and poofy….ooh and his jacket and…….her hair!…..I just…"

    I LOVE IT ALL. I want to make their wedding into a teddy bear so I can cuddle it to sleep at night. YESSSS.

  4. WHAT A SIGHT TO WAKE UP TO! I adore this dress! Oh, and I adore the tights! And her hair, and her necklace and her…everything! WOW! Just freaking awesome!

  5. Oh my god!!!! I hope she spills all the details for you!!! I can't wait! I love her hair, the dress, the shoes…ok, ALL OF IT!!!! Swooning over here! I really don't know how I got through life before I found this site! 😀

  6. Gorgeous.

    As for striped tights – may I recommend:
    They carry mens, womens and kids, regular and plus sized, footless, footed, colored fishnets, and are generally a super awesome company.

    And no, I don't work for them or anything.

  7. This is so beautiful!!! I love gothic weddings, it the hauntingly tragic beauty that draws me in. I was married in a deep red gown myself,(My 1st and only) and I'd never take that back. Being a Bridal Consultant and also being fair-skinned, I know what girls like us need: Color. It could be Dark Ivory, Champagne, Gold, Silver, Blue, Purple, and yes Red. Its all about just being yourself, and letting your personality shine. Truly love the way you look on your day, no matter what the color of the dress.

  8. oh my.. this is awesome!! I showed this to my 8 year old who loves everything black and red and she thinks this is the best thing ever. Que- "Mom why is your wedding dress white and boring , did you know you're allowed to wear red? why are you picking white, when you can have one like that girls, and MOM! she has no-place-like-home shoes… and MOM did you see her tights and MOM and MOM!…" apparently now, my wedding outfit plans are suckish and Im boring! Thanks for posting that Ariel… now to rethink my whole theme!! 😉

    • I got a big kick out of reading your comments.. My teenage daughter said the exact way when I got a white puffy gown ( thought it was a good idea at the time) mommmmm…. why did you get that cupcake boring cinderella old gown ?? lol I was like I saw it at a yard sale thought it would be a perfect wedding gown for me, turns out I too had to change my whole theme but then I found a red laced gown which was beautiful and wore it to the park wedding however my teen daughter comments was its okay…. I recently got a beautiful black victorian /civil war type gown because we are doing a renewal of our vows due to the fast simple park wedding, we wanted a big formal halloween wedding and people were not able to come to the park summer wedding, when I got that black gown my daughter now says its the most beautiful gown you ever gotten and the best idea you finally got…… I looked at her like gee thanks for your approval……. lol

  9. I sent the first picture to my FH, who I know has a thing for stripy tights and stocking. From his response, it looks like I may be sincerely flattering Lisa when it comes to my turn to get wed – purple and black for me 😀

  10. My groom walked up to me and commented "Is this a Carmen themed wedding?" LOL His thoughts were that she's wearing a fancy red dress and since her groom is wearing something vaguely military looking it MUST be Carmen. I'm an opera singer, and the fact that this was his first thought and NOT goth makes me very happy.

  11. Very nice big red gown works for you and your bridesmaids looks great too! Congrats to you and your groom!! By the way… Love your hair !! so cool…

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