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eye-catching wedding tights

Sparkly, colorful, & super eye-catching tights for your wedding day

Rockin’ a white dress and need some wildness to show off in photos? Have a colorful dress that needs some matching bling underneath? I’ve found a whole collection of weird, wild, and super gorgeous eye-catching tights to wear under your dress or outfit. From sequins to rainbows to printed excerpts from novels to the easiest “something blue” ever… these are tights that will get noticed.

Wedding socks and heels = let's get this to be a THING

Fancy socks + heels: let’s get this to be a vintage-inspired THING

Socks and heels definitely aren’t new (cuffed ankle socks and t-straps are vintage gold!), but I wouldn’t say they’re common at weddings. I’ve been seeing some really gorgeous and glam socks that could take your wedding shoe game up a notch. The real secret, though, is that they’ll likely make your heels (or flats, oxfords, platforms, whateva) way more comfortable. I found a kick-ass selection of bedazzled, sequined, shiny, and totally formal (and not-so-formal) styles to pair with your wedding shoes.

Sassy and cute tights to rock under your dress (or pants!)

Sassy and cute tights to rock under your dress (or pants!)

I find that cute tights for weddings are an overlooked concept and they totally shouldn’t be! The opportunities for twirling photos, bridesmaid booty shots, and getting ready shenanigans are too plentiful to leave your leg look to chance. We went deep-diving for some of the most fun and most adorable tights and pantyhose for looking sexy-as-hell under that dress or outfit. Let’s go shopping…

004 TrishUniac HRM alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Star bouquets, ray guns, and a moon landing cake

Trish and Al took the Wayback Machine back to childhood for a wild day playing in the snow, posing with their wedding crew, and of course, getting married! Plus, who can resist a bride in glittery Converse, leg warmers, a cape, hot pink crinoline, and a star bouquet? The reception looked out of control with a space theme including robots, ray guns, astronauts and superheroes (and Doctor Who!) photo booth, and their hilarious moon landing cake. Like their favors said: “it was a blast!”

Photo by Madlove Photography alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Picture your entire wedding party in socks from Sock Dreams (plus win free socks)!

Have you seen awesome bridal parties rocking funky socks on Offbeat Bride and thought to yourself “Damn, that looks rad. I wonder where they got those socks?” If you’ve thought that about any one of these awesome weddings, the answer is: our sponsor Sock Dreams. From funky wedding socks to pretty lacy bridal stockings, check out the ways Sock Dreams wants to trick out all the feet on your wedding day…

5065b3d2dbf3ec602600005c alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Bold, colorful, and funky tights for brave brides

It’s been a good long time since we’ve checked out the realm of funky tights. We’ve rounded up some of the craziest, sexiest, and kind of out-of-this-world tights we could find this time around, including these bad-ass, studded, and metal-laden leggings from Sass & Bide.