Picture your entire wedding party in socks from Sock Dreams (plus win free socks)!

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Photo by Madlove Photography
Darcy and Charles‘s entire bridal party in Sock Dreams. Photo by Madlove Photography

Have you seen pictures of awesome wedding parties rocking funky socks on Offbeat Bride and thought to yourself “Damn, that looks rad. I wonder where they got those socks?” Well, wonder no longer: all sock roads lead to our newest sponsor, Sock Dreams.

From funky wedding socks to pretty lacy bridal stockings, check out the ways Sock Dreams wants to trick out all the feet on your wedding day…

Socks for couples of all combos

sock dreams wedding socks

Literal socks are literal! You can get you and your partner a pair of coordinating couple socks — of course you could go for a bride/groom, or you could go for a bride/bride like we've got above, or a double groom set. (Oh, and the “bride” socks come in pink AND blue, so no hard-fast sock gendering here!)

Matching groomsmen socks

I Feel So Pretty!
Sock Dreams has an amazing collection of men's socks. Here are some of our favorites for your dudes:

Socks for your bridesmaids


The gals in your wedding party can rock the socks as well! Whether you outfit them in knee highs, thigh highs, anklets, or mid calves, socks can be a girl's favorite accessory! And Sock Dreams has the perfect pair from funky to fancy.

Sexy or silly socks for brides

Kellen in beige fencenet thigh highs.
Kellen in beige fencenet thigh highs.

Sock Dreams has a whole section of pretty and lacey things for your wedding day outfit. These Enchanted Lace Knee Socks can be your sexy “something blue.” Get a little gothy with Sheer Vertical Stripes with Lace thigh highs. Or surprise your partner after the wedding in the Escante Lace and Bows Garter Belts. On top of all this awesomeness, they also have a whole bunch of plus sized options for all of the above and more!

The reveal!Sock Dreams has socks, tights, garter belts, leggings, even petticoats for everyone in your wedding. And I can speak from experience when I say socks from Sock Dreams would make awesome bridal party gifts. (I was gifted a pair at the Offbeat Empire staff retreat and hardly took them off for four days straight!)

OFFBEAT PROMO: If YOU want to gift your bridal party socks that they'll hardly ever take off, head over to Sock Dreams right now to enter their “How I met my bridal party, giveway!” The first place winner will receive a $150.00 gift card to Sock Dreams. Head over here to see how to enter. Contest ends May 23rd 2013.

Ok, ok. So enough dreaming about socks. Head over to Sock Dreams, and then on your wedding day don't be afraid to show a little sock!

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Comments on Picture your entire wedding party in socks from Sock Dreams (plus win free socks)!

  1. Sock Dreams is awesome! I totally rocked some subtly-lacy black OTK socks (this pic is pre-wedding – they were only JUST barely visible under my petticoat and I didn’t get any pics of them day-of). Note: these did need fashion tape to stay up. Two strips each and they didn’t slip all night!
    Boots and OTK socks



      (I have those socks too! Aren’t they amazing?)

      • They’re New Rock boots, which are a Spanish brand that are unfortunately hard to find in the US. I bought them at a store in San Francisco that has since closed (I actually bought them at their closing-sale).

        You can find them various places online. And there is an outlet store in Las Vegas, NV. The particular style I have might not be being produced anymore – I bought those back in early 2011. But they still have similar styles: http://store.newrockworld.com/index.php/default/women/metallic-plataform.html

        Oh and I should add – I have the Offbeat Bride Tribe to thank for alerting me to this brand in the first place! Once I found out about them I HAD to have some for my wedding. They’re durable and (for a high heel) relatively comfortable and I expect to have them for years to come.

  2. I LOVE sock dreams! I use them for theatrical costumes all the time and they have GREAT customer service. So glad to see OBB and sock dreams teaming up!

  3. I have tons of socks from them! They have a nice selection of cute knee highs and over the knee socks that fit calves that are larger around, which can be hard to find.

  4. I looooooove Sock Dreams! That’s where I get all my specialty socks for cosplay. 😀 Also got some awesome tights from there too

  5. I love Sock Dreams. I have an entire drawer dedicated to all my socks. I have tons of OTKs, plenty cute tights, and most recently, some super cute ballet toe socks. The best socks I have were called Super O Basics…but they don’t stock them anymore unfortunately.

    Remember to buy a bottle of sock glue from them! It’s amazing at holding up your knee highs, OTKs and thigh highs without the need of a garter belt! You don’t have to constantly tug up your socks, and it washes right out. Best $10 I ever spent.

    • Oi! I don’t know where that came from! At least I linked to the right wedding. 😉

  6. I wore their lace up corset style thigh highs on my day. I just took ribbon in my wedding colors to lace them instead of the black laces they came with. I’m not sure there’s a pic of the laces on the day of. But the black made the cream lace of my lace boots really stand out!

  7. I love Sock Dreams! I have been shopping with them over a decade, since they had their old domain, and they have always been AWESOME. I highly recommend the Lingerie Mate detergent.

  8. Just want to say that I am a SOCKDREAMS WHORE. I’ve probably bought over 30 pairs from them over the years and I’ve never been disappointed. I will say that with enough use, the heels will die in their knit socks – quicker than normal socks because of how they’re made. But the great thing is that you can just cut off the feet and use them as leg and arm warmers. Probably 80% of my stock has been transformed like that, but I just wear normal socks under them. Company is amazing.

  9. I have OTK socks from sock dreams that i’ve been wearing every winter for 7, maybe 8 years now. They’re still in amazing shape and no holes! Love this place.

  10. That’s totally me featured on sock dreams for the Bride socks picture, in my teal wedding dress and irregular choice shoes. XD

  11. I am a huge fan of the sock porn, I really want to put the bridesmaids in baggy Japanese socks. I’m definitely going to have to show the girl these.

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