Use “blessing stones” to bring your wedding love mojo back home with you

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Blessing Stones

Do you wish you could bottle up and save all the loving vibes that'll be shared and expressed on your wedding day? Well, offbeat couple Sage and Nathan used “blessing stones” to harness all the love-y energy generated by their wedding guests and bring it home with them.

Here's the guidance they shared with guests:

  1. Select a stone to hold
  2. During the ceremony, allow your love, joy, and support to flow into the stone
  3. After the ceremony, place the stone back in the basket.

These stones will be used in a mosaic around [our] hearth. We want our home to be warmed by the love of our community.

This could double as your guest book, if you have your guests sign the stones.

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Comments on Use “blessing stones” to bring your wedding love mojo back home with you

  1. Love this! Kind of wish I’d seen it before the wedding, though our day was amazing and full of love anyway, I do like the idea of channeling that energy.

  2. Hey! Those are our rocks! 😉
    I thought about using the rocks for our guestbook and having folks write on them, but we decided to do prayer flags instead and have those hanging in our house, in addition to the blessing stone hearth. There was so much love at our wedding celebration! And now I just want to fill our house with all the things that will remind me of that weekend. We bought things for the wedding that would be able to have a purpose in our lives and home after the event. And now, in the aftermath, I am working on all these post wedding projects to repurpose our decorations, serving plates, silverware, napkins, etc.
    My uncle took some video of the ceremony and got some good footage of people putting the rocks back in the basket. I love watching it and seeing the way people really got into the idea of charging the stones. I can see their love and positive energy as they carefully place them back. It makes me so happy.
    Thank you for posting this! <3

  3. Simply putting them in a decorative Jar and placing on a side-board or book case would be another alternative. Especially if differing colours were used in the first place (ones that you knew were going to compliment your décor).

  4. I like this idea, but I’m not comfortable with calling them “blessing stones” as that feels too religious/spiritual. Can anybody suggest alternative names I could use to include an idea like this?

    • ‘Wishing Stones’ Offer a range of metallic permanent marker pens with the basket of stones, ask guests to write their wish for the marriage in a few words. The stones look lovely added to a water-feature in the garden

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