Throw this low-cost, super-fun, beer-lorette party

Guest post by Eureka
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When I talked to my Maid of Honor about my bachelorette party, all I asked for were two things:

  1. Try to keep the cost down — as people would be traveling and not everybody has a ton of money.
  2. I want to wear jeans.

Based on those requests, my Maid of Honor and my wonderful friends created a day that was so “me” and so much fun. This is how they rocked my bachelorette… or beer-lorette, as it was called.

  • We started at a great little dive for boozy brunch. Everything was delicious, folks had a chance to get to know each other, it was super-cheap and just generally excellent.
  • Washington DC has three breweries within the city limits, all of which have free tastings on Saturday afternoons, so we hit each one and drank delicious beers all afternoon. Then we headed to my Maid of Honor's place for pizza and hanging out and silliness.
  • Last, we met up with my fiancé and his friends at a bar near our place.

My beer-lorette was simple, fun, casual, didn't cost anybody a fortune, and I had an absolutely fantastic time.

We want to hear about YOUR non-penis cake bachelorette party ideas! Because we're all for penis cake every day, but don't think that bachelorette parties need to be about penis cakes ever.

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Comments on Throw this low-cost, super-fun, beer-lorette party

  1. Love it! I’m in the DC area and really wanted to keep things “somewhat” low key but inexpensive, fun and LOCAL! What a great idea!

    • It was super fun! For the record: dive for boozy brunch awesome = Red Derby in Columbia Heights. Everything on the menu was $10 or under and mimosas, bloodies, and screwdrivers are only $2 with brunch. Then we just used Uber to get from place to place, which worked out really well, since none of the breweries are very Metro accessible…we just ordered a couple SUVs maybe 10 minutes before we were ready to roll.

  2. I used to work at a tea store and had some connections, so I had an awesome tea tasting with someone who imports directly from China and knows an absolute ton about tea culture and China. I had seven to ten people and while my vendor was kind enough to do it for free, it would have only been about $75-$100 for all of us anyway. After that we went back to my house and had lasagna for dinner and watched ‘Ip Man’. The plan was to watch ‘Bridesmaids’ but we couldn’t find it and we voted between violence or romance (clearly, violence won). A great time was had by all, and I wore jeans.

  3. I am glad it went well. Drinking+Driving parties make me worried. If guests are “traveling and not everybody has a ton of money”, and your party plan is basically just drink beer at different places all over the city, the hosts should provide and pay for sober transportation. Unless all these places are walk-able, please make transportation a part of this plan.

    • By “traveling”, I meant from out of town. People were spending money on road trips and plane tickets, so I wanted to keep the cost of the fun stuff down. Everybody was able to stay with somebody local for free. Nobody drove on beer-lorette day…we took public transportation where available and my MOH arranged Uber car service for everybody to get to non-public-transit accessible places.

    • This bride was in D.C.- lots of public transit there! Those of us in larger cities are fortunate enough to have trains which are generally not super expensive.

  4. So far the ideas of my bachelorette party are to make it Harry Potter-themed (and to request that the guests dress up as either Harry Potter characters or in specific house colours – two of my guy friends are particularly excited about this with one dressing up as Sirius Black and the other as Bellatrix Lestrange… a promise of an epic battle has been made), to have a High Tea, to play Quidditch pong, to do some karaoke and finally to go a play Zombie Survival Challenge in Muriwai. 😀

  5. I realize this post is way old, but I’m still commenting because you have described what sounds like the PERFECT bachelorette party!! I’m a big craft beer drinker, and so are 2 of my ladies, so it’ll be fun to introduce the other ladies to it, if they’re willing 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!!

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