OBT member Jessica was Googling flowers the other day and discovered this totally awesome bouquet alternative:

full bouquet alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Photo courtesy of ZoonyBalloons.com

It's from Zoony Balloons and it's called “the Zoony Bouquet.” And as Jessica noted, “how cute would this be for a carnival or circus themed wedding!?!”

Well, lemme answer that question Jessica… Very. That's how cute this would be.

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Comments on Balloon bouquet is my new bff

  1. The questions is, “How much more cute could they be?” And the answer is, “None. None more cute.”

  2. Ahhh … this is me … breathing a huge sigh of relief. As a (pseudo) joke, I went onto one of the uber-scary Wed sites and got completely lambasted for even MENTIONING the word balloons in the same sentence as weddings. Ariel, you are my knight in shining tattoo.

  3. balloon flowers (and thus, a bouquet) are super easy to make, too! balloon-animal balloons can be found at most party supply or costume supply stores. do a google search or a you-tube search for balloon animal flowers to find instructions and in a couple of twists, you’ll have the hang of it.

    in my babysitting days, i’d also do balloon animals for kids’ birthdays & i’d always leave a balloon bouquet for the parents as a fun “thanks for hiring me.”

  4. AAACCCKKK!!! I’m having a circus themed wedding in 18 days!!!! I wish I would’ve seen this sooner :(((

  5. As a professionally trained birthday clown, I approve of this bouquet. Big fan of balloons, but unfortunately, since we plan to get married at a zoo, we’re not allowed to have them in the ceremony or reception (getting loose and into the animals cages and such)

  6. Me and my friends made bouquets like this not long ago, and we also make balloon corsages. Basically, you make a balloon flower head and through the back of it you thread (in our case) those illuminous pink and yellow party bracelets that light up when you snap them 😀

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