Photo by Jess Jackson Photography.
Photo by Jess Jackson Photography.

When Alicia and Andrew planned their re-commitment ceremony, Alicia wanted a twist on the traditional sand ceremony. So she came up with “The Baking Ceremony.” Their wedding planner, Josh of, shared with us the details of this delicious unity ceremony…

Ingredients (for a lasting marriage):
Photo courtesy of Josh Withers
Photo courtesy of Joshua Withers

  • Besan flour: a healthy foundation
  • Sugar: for romance, joy and happiness
  • Guar gum: to stop us from crumbling
  • Pinch of salt: the salt of the earth to symbolize wisdom and friendship
  • Walnuts: for laughter and humour (How do you make a Walnut laugh? You crack it up…)
  • Baking soda: to help us rise above the tough times
  • Cinnamon: adding spice of life to the marriage
  • Egg: to bind us together through the tough times (represented by the Amazonite)
  • Butter: to enhance all forms of love including self-love, paternal love, unconditional love and romantic love (represented by the rose quartz)

To Bake:

  1. Stir together all the ingredients and bake in a warm and happy home for as long as we both shall live.
  2. When the contents in this jar begin to spoil, it is a symbol to spend some time to refresh our marriage and refill the jar with new ingredients.

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Comments on Bake up this sweet unity ceremony

  1. Aw, so you don’t actually end up with any baked goods? Just a committed relationship? Laaaame.


    • I used the exact amount of dry ingredients needed so you certainly could add the wet ingredients and end up with baked goods. However, I wanted a jar I could keep forever in the kitchen just like you would with a sand ceremony jar. And I liked the idea of having crystals to represent love to keep and pass on as well.

  2. Might just steal this idea…it might be nice though if something comes from it at the end. I am thinking a browny cake or something we can serve at desert (with mass produced versions for the rest of the guests). Hmmm…something I will be thinking about

    • You could perhaps do a ‘raw’ brownie if you want to serve something… then you dont have to bake it.. just blend in a mixer, press into a pan and cut 😀

  3. I love this idea and how it lends itself to setting up the couple for the re-commitment ceremony in the future. I would rather have it sit in its jar until it spoils, but if someone did want the baked good to be enjoys, lets say, at the wedding, then the ingredients couple be the same as the cake (or cupcakes).

  4. This is the coolest idea! We have been searching for a way to personalize our ceremony. We don’t like the sand or candle idea. We are huge foodies and my fiances love language is for sure food. I won him over with my baking and cooking. HOW CUTE!!! thank you for sharing! And I love the idea of keeping it in a jar forever in our kitchen 🙂

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