Badgerface Beauty Supply: bachelorette gifts to “melt the hardest of bitches”

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Zesty MotherPUCKER!
Zesty MotherPUCKER!

Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Raise your hand if you've been on the receiving end of a seriously blah bachelorette party favor. Or a bridal shower favor. Or maybe you were forced to take home something shaped like a penis. While we love us some penises, penis-shaped shit is kind of useless on a day-to-day basis.

You know what's useful and awesome and would make a great bachelorette, or shower, or a general “thank you for busting ass for my wedding” gift? Our sponsor Badgerface Beauty Supply‘s line of cheeky, all-natural bath and beauty products with names like “Chill the Fuck Out” and “Posh Motherpucker.”

Check these out…

Fancy Fucking Feet foot scrub
Fancy Fucking Feet foot scrub

Can I just say, I was gifted some foot scrub as a bridesmaid. It was aiight. It's still sitting in my shower, I think. But I would have been WAY more excited if I was gifted this Fancy Fucking Feet scrub. Because everything is better when it's fucking fancy.

Facial care set
Facial care set

You know what, I'm gonna let the lovely Kristina of Badgerface take it from here…

Jesus. Give people something they might actually want: the gift of smoothing their scaly asses with some straight-up fucking nourishing shit. You know they fucking need it. We got ginger-coconut bath bombs. We got lavender body butter. We got lotion bars, we got face creams, we got delicate fucking berry lip balms. We got scents to melt the hardest of bitches [or dudes], and all our favors are made with 100% natural essential oils. And they're never tested on animals.

No petroleum by-products, no parabens, no fake fucking scents. All the good stuff. No fake shit.
You down with that?

I'm SO down with that. I'm so down with that, I want to get (wait for it…)

Badgerface kinky lotion bar

…Kinky as fuck with that! And if you're also down with that, here's a special discount for ya.


Badgerface Beauty Supply is giving our readers 10% off of purchases of $25 or more. Just use the code BRIDE10 at checkout.

So many awesome balms!
So many awesome balms!

How stoked are you that you get to end your search for the perfect gifts for your wedding party?! From bachelorettes to bachelors, to moms, to vendors… you can make everyone happy and pretty and silky and smooth and still look like a bad-ass with Badgerface Beauty Supply.

Now, head over to Badgerface and get kinky as fuck with any of their products.

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