Bad-ass red & black wedding

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red wedding dress on offbeat bride

Jane Doe's UK wedding is a stunner, with the bride's red dress and the retro bridemaids.

back of red dress on offbeat bride

emo wedding on offbeat bride

retro bridesmaid dresses on offbeat bride

cutting the cake on offbeat bride

Jane Doe's wedding is a bit fetishy, the groom a more emo (if only I'd been able to convince my groom to wear eyeliner!), and the bride's bustle more bowed. I suppose the fetish angle makes perfect sense, since the bride runs a latex clothing shop!

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  1. LOVE those pictures! She’s gorgeous, isn’t she? Sexy, almost 40’s style dresses on the BM’s very cute! And gorgeous flowers!

  2. I was just talking about what I’d want my wedding to look like and this is so close to what I want! My mum wasn’t so sold on the idea of me wanting red and black, but they’re my favorite colors and I’m not planning on having a church wedding so why not? Gorgeous photos, such a great looking couple! Thanks for some more inspiration!

  3. I am so in love with her photos – this is my ideal wedding, only in black & turquoise!

  4. I love the BM dresses…they are cute! i am looking for ideas right now for my wedding, but those dresses would be cute for anyday lol where did you find them?

  5. I just wanted to know were you found this dress? Me daughter is getting married in Sept. and we both love it!!

    Thank You,

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