Cake toppers that won’t make you cringe

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I have a tingly spot for adorable and creative cake toppers. So, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite cake toppers because they're WAY too cute not to collectively gush over…

[Click on the photos to get more info on any of these cake toppers!]

4108zeStcIL alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)I love these guys! They aren't even close to cake toppers — this is an aquarium decoration. These guys have an air tube connector to turn them into a bubbling aquarium feature. So, you could use them as a cake topper and then use then again to keep your fishies happy.

owls 062512 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)These handmade vintage-style owls are just the sweetest little things.

41SpCTDkA9L alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)You so rarely see such a gloriously dark cake topper. This is perfect for a goth wedding or a Halloween wedding. It's so pretty and eerie at the same time, I love this one.

41he196OfJL alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Where are my biker couples? I can tell you where they are… grabbing their wallets to jump on this bad-ass cake topper. Oh, and you know what kills me… the little license plate that says “just married.”

51b9fIZsBgL alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)This collectible skeleton figurine is absolutely perfect for a Dia de los Muertos wedding, or for any couple who really wants to push that “Til Death” idea! And — this is either going to freak you out or make you happy — they're totally tongue kissing, and it's rad.

alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Any Mr & Mrs Smith fans out there? Or perhaps, bride and groom police officers? FBI? Gun nuts? This cake topper is bad ass and HAWT.

51d3rSj9vyL alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)This is probably my favorite find of ALL TIME — it's zombies, it's comics, it's weddings, it's all those combined, which means AWESOME!

51ZYPOuf1eL alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)These two dragons are nuzzling, their tails entwined, to form a heart! Aw. Perfect for a medieval wedding, or a geeky wedding, or any wedding because it's freaking awesome!

41tQwQvj sL alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)I love that this cake topper couple looks like they're posing for a funky offbeat wedding booth photo! Sweet!

nightmare before christmas jack and sally head knocker set alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)We've seen quite a few Tim Burton-inspired weddings, so I just had to throw in a Nightmare Before Christmas cake topper.

funny wedding cake toppers bride pinch groom butt alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Who doesn't love a little harmless sexual harassment with their wedding cake. 😉

alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Of course, if you're not afraid to amp up the sexy on your wedding cake, this one is all sexy/huggy romantic and whatnot.

magnetic kissing flamingo salt and pepper shaker set alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)It's been years since I wrote the post about salt and pepper shakers as cake toppers, but I am STILL crazy about these guys. My mom bought me those flamingos — I just LOVE 'em.

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  1. I LOVE the all black one! We’re lucky enough to have a talented and awesome friend making our cake topper; the two little robots from Portal 2! So cute! And they hold hands! Aaah!

  2. I just bought a really cool (but not budget friendly) cake topper from Etsy shop:buildersstudio. He’s got a bunch of robot themed ones – kinda cool – I had to justify it by saying, “we’ll use it as the cake topper for every anniversary milestone!”

  3. The cake topper I got has a bride holding a fishing reel, and she’s “caught” her groom. It’s perfect for us because we met on the Plenty of Fish website, plus a lot of my family is from Newfoundland, which is the fishing capital of Canada.

  4. I have the dragon heart cake topper. We bought it while on a vacation. He loves dragons and I love silver and hearts. It was perfect. Our wedding is in September!

    • Oh my goodness how awesome to be reading this article and then find you talking about the sculpture I made for you! I still remember making your purple bunny topper, thank you again for the privilege and thank you for sharing my work here, this made my day to stumble upon. Small world!

    • this is an old post, but i wanted to say that midnight orange does great work in general. she made me a figurine that’s a mom and a baby being embraced by the “angel” daddy because my husband passed away a few weeks before our son was born. i love that little figurine.

  5. I personally am not a fan of the “traditional” cake topper, dressed up being “crazy”. I DO like the idea of s&p shakers, though. So many cute & nuzzling ones!
    I ended up getting my (very traditional and cute) cake topper from the dollar store.
    My cousin is making our wedding cake. So grand total cost for dessert for 200 people — $1. Awesome.

  6. I have spent way WAY too much time looking at cake toppers on etsy.

    I think I’m getting mine from this seller, hand stitched fabric birds (pretty pricey, but sooo sweet and cute):

    These are wooden figurines painted to look like you, and there is a DIY option too:

    This seller has some cute white ceramic figurines in pairs:

    There are some VERY cool cake toppers here, I especially love the sugar skulls!

    I have also had a lot of luck searching in the etsy vintage section for “pair figurines” or however you want to search for it, salt and pepper shakers might be good to search for too (since it wouldn’t necessarily be listed as cake toppers), lots of cute and unique things pop up! I would just make sure to convo the seller and make sure of what the size and weight is so the cake doesn’t cave in with some massive figurines.
    A lot of people seem to have these brass swans:

    Cute mice!:

  7. Great cake toppers!! mine was similar to the til death do us apart ( bone couple) except the couple was wearing actual wedding outfits (tux and wedding dress) I loved it and its still on my book shelf to this day.

  8. I got Ninjas from Etsy seller Temple7e. They are badass. Not specifically cake toppers, but awesome nonetheless.

  9. My wife and I are going to join the Peace Corps, so we wanted something related to peace. We were also on a budget, so we ended up getting two clay doves that we found at the dollar store. They doubled nicely as a gender-neutral symbol of love and peace. Here’s a pic:

    We also like the idea of the hippies that you’ve featured before:

  10. The drangons entwined comes from Fellowship Foundy, they have a LOT of other awesome toppers. I’ve actually worked for them at the MN Ren Fest for 10 years now, and I generally get tasked with selling the wedding gear because “your girly, they like that shit” LOL. That set is our most popular, it’s so awesome to see them on here!

  11. I recently got married and used this awesome rotary candle holder for the cake topper…
    all night the bride and groom “danced” from the heat of the candle. The company is Swedish, a friend of mine had to special order it from a sketchy website and gave it to me as a gift after I had struggled to find it myself.

  12. This is so so great! Our cake topper is going to be a cute little pair of mallard ducks (salt and pepper shakers) that I scored on ebay for 2 dollars! I have been an avid birder (and happen to love mallards..dork I know) but just as my fiancee was proposing a pair swam by on the river behind us. PERFECT

  13. im newly engaged (march 18th!)and although our wedding isnt for a couple years cuz of college, i still am really looking forward and planning what i want. i love the silver dragon topper… but i totally would like to have a jason with a chainsaw chasing after a blonde bride on my cake… just to represent me and my fiance. we always say “i love you to pieces” and we are to be wed on a friday the 13th… so jason chasing a bride with a chainsaw seems perfect. anyone know where i could find one like that or a site that does custumized wedding decor? thank you! love this site

  14. Oh my gosh, I love these cake toppers! Haha!
    It inspired me to find one that suits my man and I. Only trouble is he’s black and I’m white (with red hair), most wedding couple toppers are made for Caucasian couples (her with blonde and him with blonde or brown hair) and the interracial/interchangeable cake toppers I seem to find are… lacking any sense of fun or creative sentimentality.
    I LOVE this “Showered with Love” figurine because it’s so very silly-romantic; the character suits my promised and I, and we’re marrying in my beloved Portland, Oregon (it rains about 9 months out of the year), but again I’m faced with the only option being a Caucasian couple. lol Back to the drawing board..?
    (I’m tempted to order one just to see if I can paint the hair auburn, his hair black, his skin dark brown. I’m a painter 😉

  15. We’re using the dragon heart topper. It is super heavy, though. I don’t want to pay for a wedding cake, so I’m buying a couple circle cakes and putting them on a tier I bought. The cake is a really light cream and wafer texture, so we were worried about the heavy topper. We got a test cake and decided to push a large shot glass (double shot glass with a flat bottom) through the middle of the smallest cake! We’re putting flowers around the topper’s base to hide the glass. It worked out pretty well on the test cake, and we’re having a friend prepare the tiers and cake on the day of. (She got to split the test cake with us as payment) 🙂

    I used these heart dragons as inspiration for my sister, an artist, to draw a wedding poster/design for us. We used the design in the STDs, invitations, and will be using them in the programs, in addition to displaying the poster. Origami dragons and dragon dice cufflinks will round out the dragon theme.

    The whole theme for my wedding was from a single topper I fell in love with!

  16. OMG, The FISH! My FH and I are both Pisces! And orange is one of our wedding colors! AND we have a fresh water aquarium!

  17. He loves dinosaurs. I love mermaids. I went to the dollar store and bought the cheapest, schlockiest plastic dinosaur I could find, and then I bought the cheapest, schlockiest mermaid aquarium ornament I could find on Ebay. It is going to be amazing.

  18. I got our cake topper from Bungalow Glow on Etsy! We are having a Sleepy Hollow / Victorian ghost story theme. We met through our passion for paranormal investigating. Through out our 9 years together we have created a Halloween decorating company (Haunting Perceptions Decorating), and have decorated many local Gothic clubs! He even proposed to me in a horror museum in Salem, Ma! We knew our cake topper had to be unique, but it was hard to find a Gothic / Victorian topper. We are both artsy (He’s a photographer and I make Victorian / vintage jewelry as well as coffin and Victorian boxes) So we were ready to throw in the towel and make our own some how. Here’s the link to ours! They are 2 crows sitting in branches that make a rough heart outline. They also have many others! This seller was great! I recommend this style if you are having a Gothic wedding, but don’t want to have over the top cake toppers :). I would love to also post about our wedding on here! We are using all local business, and everything else will by DIY! A romantic, spooky Victorian wedding 🙂

  19. I’m having my topper custom made – it is two tentacles rising out of the cake, one black, one white. All Lovecraftian, ALL the time.

  20. We’re having dinosaurs! Just two regular plastic dinosaurs from the Early Learning Centre (basically a kids’ toy shop). They have emotional significance, as well as being pretty cool.

  21. Hey GIRLS!!
    I’m crazy about the cake topper where the bride touchs the groom’s sweet ass, but I cqn’t found any website thats sales them!!
    I need this on my cake!!
    Some of you could help me out???


  22. I made my own topper. I hated everything I saw (that was in a reasonable price) and I’ve been making clay dragon figures for a few years so I decided to do that. I’m much happier than I would have been just buying something and it fits our wedding perfectly.

  23. Can someone help me find a suspension bridge topper? I’m thinking there must be a plastic toy, at least, but I’ve had very little luck. Ty!

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