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christina alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Christina’s Seattle church wedding and grungey bar reception

The offbeat bride: Christina, Architect/intern My offbeat groom: Michael, Musician/vintage furniture salesman Location & date of wedding: Ceremony at Trinity Church and reception at Sunset Tavern, both in Seattle, June 2007. What made our wedding offbeat: We tried to do things our way and not get caught up in everything we “had to have” for […]

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Sarah’s green budget wedding in St. Louis

The offbeat bride: Sarah, barista My offbeat groom: Josh, architecture student Location & date of wedding: County park in St. Louis, MO (May 20th, 2007) What made our wedding offbeat: I know “green” weddings are quite popular on the coasts, but here in the Midwest, people were stunned. We did our best, on our budget, […]

Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes

  We wanted to share a few of our favorite non-traditional wedding cakes…starting with some cute little succulent cupcakes up there! Normally we wouldn’t want to eat succulents, but we want to suck on these cupcakes (GET IT?!)   This cake is from a Tennessee wedding was full of color, loft style, performances by friends, […]

weddin alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

When you have wedding vows courtesy of Prince

Our ceremony was non-religious (we wrote our own vows), performed by a dear friend who got ordained via the internet, and kicked off with him reading the intro lyrics to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” (dearly beloved, we are gathered here to day to get through this thing called life…). Those who recognized it laughed and loved it. The older members of our families never knew it wasn’t traditional.

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Non-sappy father-daughter dance songs

I’ve spent the last two days scouring the ‘net for a father/daughter dance for our wedding reception, and frankly, virtually every suggestion I’ve come across has a title that makes me throw up in my mouth a little like “Daddy’s Little Girl” or “Butterfly Kisses.” I’m not opposed to sentimental songs but perhaps none with the bride=angel/child/doll theme I can’t seem to get away from. HELP!

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Jessica & Jeffrey’s guerilla wedding

Mr. A-go-go & I thought and thought and thought about what to do for the shindig — we waffled between hitting the county registrars office and doing a Pee-Wee’s Playhouse tribute (we even found someone to get ordained and marry us as Jambi!). We ended up holding a guerrilla wedding at the famous fountain in our hood where wedding parties take their group photos every weekend.