Jennifer & Stephanie’s Austin wedding, presented by Whitney Lee Photography

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obb6With all the talk yesterday of finding the perfect suit for a lesbian bride, I figured today was the perfect time to share Jennifer & Stephanie's wedding with you, as shot by Whitney Lee Photography in Austin, TX. Stephanie lucked out with her dapper suit — her bride-to-be made it for her! See, that's what happens when your partner is a seamstress. Let's all be jealous of Stephanie for a brief moment.


These two got married in March of 09 at The Barr Mansion in Austin, TX, and the details Leah captured from their wedding are just beautiful.

Not only did she have a sweet custom-made suit, but Stephanie's converse were embroidered with their wedding date on the heel:

The two brides walked each other down the aisle … and their brother and sister served as the wedding party, keeping it really personal.

They included a sand ceremony as part of their vows … this is a great option for folks who aren't into a unity candle or unity cocktail:

This idea is brilliant — rather than a guestbook prone to the ravages of time, they asked guests to sign small stones instead:

And in keeping with the clean, organic themes of the wedding, the parting gifts were little potted bamboo plants:

Their first dance was to Jimmy Soul “If You Wanna Be Happy for the Rest of your Life“:

Here's a full gallery of Leah's shots from the wedding. Austin brides, y'all are so lucky to have Leah and Whitney in your city…

Leah and Whitney would love to come shoot YOUR wedding (gay, straight, or otherwise) in Texas … go check out the website and peruse the Whitney Lee Photography blog and be sure to tell 'em Ariel sentcha!

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Comments on Jennifer & Stephanie’s Austin wedding, presented by Whitney Lee Photography

  1. This is beeeeautiful!!! What exactly is happening in the second to last shot? Are you pouring sand or water? Whatever it is, it is really beautiful. Congrats!!

  2. When my husband and I got married we wore custom chucks just like the ones in this post!
    Mine we were white and green and his were black and we had the date on the back. 🙂

  3. I LOVE the choice of first dance song – if I get married, that's what I've always wanted to have played!

    Y'all look beautiful – everything is so perfectly eco-classy 🙂

  4. I have been obsessed (not in a scary way lol) with this gown for almost 2 years now. It is from David's Bridal and it is stunning. I have been scouring the internet looking for pics of REAL brides in the dress and this is only like the third one I have seen, I'm giddy! They both look fantastic!

  5. Love the small bamboo plants, ladies. A thoughtful, cost effective souvenir that made for lovely pics! Also, the date on the back of the chucks, AWESOME.

  6. NaturallyLeslie said she recognized the dress from David's Bridal. Which one is it? I love it and want to try it on (especially since Jennifer and I share the same not-a-runway-model shape.) She looks amazing. Too many gowns are made for the emaciated bride look. I have boobs. I have hips. I've had four kids-enough said.

  7. I love her dress! It is gorgeous and fits the whole simple, clean theme of the wedding so well. Having the suit be simply a vest rather than a jacket was a great choice as well. And I love the bamboo idea!

  8. That's my Sister! Their wedding was actually the best wedding I have ever been to. To make it even more unique they used an ipod playlist for "The Band" and had their Invitations custom designed with their cartoon likenesses on them (and their dogs) by me! I may have to post an advert on here to get the word out to people that they can really afford to have their weddings, their way right from the invitations! The girls looked great (Leah did a great job on the photography, especially the Engagement pics) and this website is really cool!

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