Are wedding hashtags still a thing in 2023?

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are wedding hashtags still a thing 2023 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
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For the past decade, wedding hashtags have been a trendy way to share and organize your special memories from your big day. It's fair to ask, are wedding hashtags STILL a thing?

In this day and age, we all know what a big part social media plays in helping us share our updates and milestones with our friends and family members from all around the globe. Having a unique wedding hashtag can help organize your engagement and wedding day memories online.

Plus, your wedding hashtag isn’t just for you and your spouse to use. Wedding hashtags are most effective when your whole wedding guest list gets in on the fun and shares their own pictures and memories while using the tag.

So… asking yourself, Are wedding hashtags still a thing

Well, let’s explore the reasons why wedding hashtags are still incredibly relevant and how you and your fiancé can get the most use out of having your own!

are wedding hashtags still a thing

Why You Should Use A Wedding Hashtag

Organize Big Day Moments

Using a one-of-a-kind wedding hashtag for your big day helps to create a digital highlight reel of your best wedding day moments. 

On your wedding day, you can’t be everywhere at once. 

This is where your guests come in. The more they use the hashtag, the more variety you’ll get on your feed, as your guests capture and share the big moments from all different angles and perspectives.

When you search for your special hashtag online, you instantly create a filter that showcases all the memories, photos, and videos from your unique wedding day. 

This beautiful digital album is something you can look back on and enjoy for the rest of your lives.

Make Your Wedding More Memorable

Not only are wedding hashtags practical in the digital space, but they also are a clever way to make your wedding more memorable. 

Announcing your wedding hashtag ahead of time through social media, your wedding invitations, or your wedding website is a fun way to get your guests excited about your upcoming big day.

On the day of your ceremony, you’ll want to display your wedding hashtag prominently around the venue to remind your guests to use it throughout the evening. 

The more clever and personalized your wedding hashtag is, the more your guests will be talking about it!

Unique Brand To Your Relationship

Consider your wedding hashtag as the slogan of your unique relationship. 

It should represent you and your partner’s special love story in a clever, romantic, and succinct manner. It could be as funny or as serious as you’d like it to be, but it should ultimately serve as your brand.

To showcase your unique lifetime slogan, there are tons of ways you can easily incorporate your hashtag into your wedding. 

If you’re looking for ideas on how to display your wedding hashtag creatively, we’ll cover that in just a moment!

First, let's go over how you can get a wedding hashtag for yourself.

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How To Come Up With A Unique Wedding Hashtag

There are multiple ways to come up with a personalized wedding hashtag. 

You can hire a professional service, brainstorm a hashtag yourself, or consult a hashtag generator for inspiration.

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Turn To The Pros

Whether you’re struggling to come up with an amazing wedding hashtag yourselves, or just want someone with more experience to perfect your slogan, you can always turn to a professional wedding hashtag writing service.

These writers have written thousands of hashtags for happy couples and can help transform your unique names and relationship details into a one-of-a-kind tag. 

All you have to do is fill out a brief questionnaire about your names, nicknames, hobbies, wedding details, and relationship facts then a pro writer will send back a list of personalized hashtag options to your email address within one business day.

Make It Personal

If you opt for brainstorming a unique hashtag yourself, the most important tip is to make it as personal as possible. 

You don’t want your hashtag to be a vague line that can relate to just any couple. You want it to represent your special, one-of-a-kind romance.

Start by listing various details about your relationship, including your favorite date spot, how you met, how the proposal happened, your favorite hobbies together, your favorite song lyrics, the pet names you call each other, and any other details you can think of.

With this list in mind, begin crafting a catchy hashtag that incorporates your names or personality into a rhyme, alliteration, idiom, or popular quote. 

The more personalized you get, the better your wedding hashtag will be!

Crowdsource From Friends And Family

To speed up your brainstorming process, don’t be afraid to crowdsource. 

Consult your friends and family who know your unique relationship well. The more people you have thinking up clever slogans, the quicker you’ll come up with the perfect wedding hashtag.

Use A Free Wedding Hashtag Generator

For additional inspiration, try a wedding hashtag generator to give you some ideas. These resources are free and easy to use. Just type in your names and within seconds, the program will give you a list of hashtag options.

While the results from a free hashtag generator will be super generic, it can be a good starting point to expand upon and further customize the perfect hashtag for you and your significant other. Then again, it can also just feel too bland. Again, wedding hashtag writing services are great if you want something truly unique!

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Where To Display Your Wedding Hashtag

Once you’ve settled on your ultimate wedding hashtag, you’ll want to have a plan for how your unique slogan should be displayed and put to use for your big day and beyond!

Engagement Photo Announcement

The first place you can show off your custom wedding hashtag would be on your engagement photo announcement. Share the big news and showcase your slogan on your engagement photo.

Wedding Website

Design your very own wedding website to have all your important wedding details and updates, including the time, place, dress code, and, of course, the wedding hashtag you’ll be using for your big day.

Wedding Welcome Sign

It’s the first thing your wedding guests will see as they enter your ceremony. 

Use your wedding welcome sign as a way to display your wedding hashtag and get all your guests talking about the clever slogan.

Behind The Altar

When thinking about where to display your wedding hashtag, consider a location that’ll be heavily photographed. Having your hashtag displayed in the background of highly photographed areas is a fun way to brand your big day. Placing a sign or display behind the altar is a prime location.

Photobooth Background

A designated photobooth area is a fun location for you and your guests to pose together and show off your fashionable wedding attire. 

These pictures will without a doubt make for beautiful memories. Even better, having your wedding hashtag written on props or displayed in the background makes them perfect to post on social media.

Table Centerpieces

Getting creative with your table centerpieces is a pivotal part of your wedding decor. Get your hashtag carved into wood or etched into acrylic and leave these signs at every table. 

This will serve as a helpful reminder to your wedding guests to post using your hashtag throughout the celebration.

Behind The DJ Booth

Just as placing your wedding hashtag behind the altar or in the background of the photobooth is effective, so is placing it behind the DJ booth. 

Get everyone on the dance floor thinking about your awesome wedding hashtag. Plus, it’ll make for an epic photo opportunity.

Acrylic Signage

Acrylic signs are modern and trendy. Put your hashtag on one and create your own dazzling display. 

Enhance the area with some floral arrangements or place the sign by your guest book for everyone to pass by and see.

Wedding Treats

Make your wedding treats or wedding favors the talk of the town by putting your punny wedding hashtag on the label or packaging of these sweet, little gifts.

Neon Sign

Brighten up your venue space with a fun neon sign that highlights your unique wedding hashtag. 

This display will look great in photos and even better in social media posts to remember your big day!

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Wedding Hashtags Are Here To Stay

…So, ARE wedding hashtags still a thing? 

They most definitely are, and they’re here to stay!

As long as social media and hashtagging are still around, wedding hashtags will still be a clever and effective way to organize your special wedding day memories online for years to come. If the idea of coming up with one sounds exhausting, there's a solution for that.

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