Penaran’s red wedding dress

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Red wedding dress

Obviously I have a thing for red wedding dresses

Photographer Martin Oliver captured a bride named Penaran in a red Ian Stuart dress. I love the rouching of the red train, and the bride's adorable little cocktail hat!

For more shots, keep reading. And thanks to Martin Oliver Weddings for the photos!

Red wedding dress

Red wedding dress

Red wedding dress

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Comments on Penaran’s red wedding dress

  1. Wow- what a gorgeous train!! I adore the color, too, such a glorious red.

  2. That is a awesome idea-the colour looks fabulous on her, the dress is well made, and the use of a netted cocktail hat instead of a traditional veil makes her my hero.

  3. I have to say these pics are great. I’m getting married also and have been searching everywhere for red wedding dresses and have been unsucessful. She is very beautiful in hers.

  4. My conservative Catholic co-worker is SCANDALIZED. “Brides should wear white or cream!” “What if they’re really, really in love?” she didn’t answer me.

  5. I want that hat…I’ve been trying to find a red or black dress for my wedding. And her dress/hat combination is incredible.

  6. love the red wedding dress, though the train is excessively long. HATE the hat, wouldn’t be caught dead in that.

  7. I’m dieing to find a beautiful red corsetted wedding dress like this one for my sister. Does anyone know any designers or where this one came from?

    This one is gorgeous!

    • Ian Stuart is the designer .. but pretty much any person who makes dresses can make replicas

  8. I am the woman in the red dress! It’s lovely to read these nice comments – though the dress and hat (!) is not to everyone’s taste of course. The dress I picked up second hand, though originally it was from Ian Stewart. The hat I had made specially by Stephen Jones Milliners in Covent Garden.

    • You looked abs gorgeous… the colour, the hat, the train… all stunning…

  9. I have recently purchased the same Ian Stuart Gown – also used – and was considering having it made strapless as you did…was it heavy/hard to keep up without the capped sleeves or did the tightness of the corset waist make up for the weight of the gown? Did you wear a pettitcoat of any kind? It looks amazing – I hope I pull it off as well as you did!

  10. Hi Kim,

    The dress stayed up perfectly well since the corset was especially tightened by the seamstress. She also pu a hoop in the bottom of the skirt to make it stick out, but I think extra black petticoats would have looked beter in hindsight. As you know the dress already comes with black underpetticoats but you need to add more to make it stick out more. good luck on your big day and I bet the congregation will gasp and burst into spontaneious applause as you enter the room – mine did! It was fab!

    Bye for now


    • I am in search of such a dress! Where did you manage to find such a gorgeous dress that was "used?" I have not been so lucky. The search continues…

  11. The dress and hat combo was gorgeous. That was an amazing color and you looked amazing. I am trying to find a dress this color with a touch of ivory for my wedding. Anyways, congrats and wishes for happiness to you.

  12. That dress is GORGEOUS! I’m currently looking for a corseted red wedding dress and it is definitely a challenge. You walk into a wedding shop and ask if they carry them and they look at you like you have two heads… it’s quiet upsetting. Hopefully I find one soon!

  13. so let me try that again. I was wondering where you got your dress from???? thx, from hawaii

  14. Hi I was wondering if either of you ladies was planning on selling your dresses. I want this dress so bad!! please email me if you are interested at [email protected]

  15. I adore that gown!!
    I’m Native American,
    and am engaged to an Englishman.I first planned to wear full regalia,but then decided to change plans …..I love red!my shawl and beadwork will come first out of tradition.This gown is too formal to wear at our location(waterfall)….but if could pull it off…..I would be thrilled.I’m proud of Peneran for her choice and expression!

  16. Guys if you like this dress check out the maggie sottero website , and look up the dress Lana. It is my favorite!! I called and they said it runs at about 750.

  17. Hi i got married for the second time in oct 08. i wore a red wedding dress. it was beautiful. i am looking at selling it. the dress is size 18. is there any one
    that would like to buy it.

  18. Hi,

    This really is the dress of my dreams!!! I can’t seem to find it anywhere though – does anyone know what style name/number it is?



  19. This is THE wedding dress I want. It’s from Ian Stuart’s 2003 collection and I have been obsessed with it ever since then! I have also been searching for it (not that I’m getting maried any time soon but hey, you never know) and this is the only site I could find since you can only seem to find his recent collections (also gorgeous).

  20. I adore this dress! I did try on a red dress by Dizzy Lizzy but I wasn’t quite brave enough!

  21. Hi i think you look wonderful. I showed this photo to my fiance and he finally agreed to let me have a red dress at our wedding in december. so THANK YOU!! it something i have wanted since i was a little girl. Thank you for being brave enough.

  22. Hi,
    I love the red!!! I am getting married on Oct. 31, 2008 and my gown is apple red. I purchased it at Davids Bridal in Danvers Ma. about a year and a half ago. I stared my search early never thinking I would fine it. I have had a great time with this dress and can’t wait to wear it. I love this brides little hat, cute

  23. I got married in a beautiful outdoor wedding on August 23rd in my Ian Stuart Valentine Gown (same one as Penran’s). It was amazing!

  24. Kim, you cannot post a photo in the body of your comment, but you can include a photo URL in the URL field of the comment … and then your name will click through to the photo.

  25. gosh! So many comments about me and my dress! Thanks everyone! If you want red just go for it! (I didn’t give my husband a choice!)

    I don’t think I’ll be selling my dress though – I plan to wear it again at a “wear your wedding dress” party in ten years’ time or so…


  26. I love red wedding dresses! Everyone tells me not to wear red, but what do they know? It’s my wedding, and I look great in red.

  27. If anyone has that valentine dress ill buy it… please please please send me an email. I’m definitely interested.

  28. I photographed a wedding recently where the bride wore an amazing red dress. I believe it was called “Scarlet” by Maggie Sottero. At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it totally rocked!

  29. I have the red Ian Stuart wedding dress if anyone is looking to buy it.
    Please hit me up!

    • Do you still have this dress for sale? If so, what is the size? I am crossing my fingers…

  30. Jessica, what size is that dress and how much do you want for it? I have a red wedding dress in mind but one store was selling it for $950 and another was selling it for $1300. I tried to buy it from the Bonny site but they don’t sell to the public. The dress looks a lot like the one in the pic.

  31. I know this is an old thread but Jessica if you still have the dress, please send me an email: Freyanator[at]gmail[dot]com

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