How did I just discover these vintage-y wedding dresses under $200!?

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plus size scalloped dress on offbeat bride

[related-post]For those of you who are leaning towards the vintage-y/classic end of the wedding aesthetics spectrum (as opposed to the rainbow carnival freakout or zombie-chic), I've found some crazy gorgeous dresses for dirt cheap. Some of this stuff reminds me of BHLDN's styling, but without the $128 buckets and other overpriced pomp. These dresses are like vintage-tinged fever dreams that I want to crawl into and pretend I'm more understated and chic than I actually am. (We all know what end of the spectrum I'M on.)

And the prices? HOLY SHIT. Cute vintage-styled dresses under $300? And sweet-ass accessories like veils and headpieces under $50. Aww, yeah. Let's take a look:

(As always, click the pictures to learn more.)
grace karin dress on offbeat bride

wedding dress under 100 dollars on offbeat bride

affordable wedding dresses on offbeat bride

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cute wedding dress under 100

affordable chifon wedding dress

aline wedding dress under 120

black wedding dress on offbeat bride

Lindy Bop Ophelia Vintage 1950s Swing Dress alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Lindy Bop Gina Vintage Glamourous Black Gold Tea Party Dress alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

chiffon wedding dress on offbeat bride

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  1. You weren’t missing anything, the collection was just released this past week!

    • OH! Ok, whew. I was like Shit, man. I am really losing my mojo…

  2. The headpieces are BLOWING my mind. I wasn’t going to wear anything on my head, but the ones they have, (like pictured with the Addison Eve) are too spectacular to miss out on.

  3. I hate to do this, but: Butterflies don’t have mandibles. There is a family of moths with mandibles (the first time I collected one, I freaked out): I prefer to think of mantids knitting me a dress with their raptorial forelegs! (I’m a bug geek, sorry >_<)

    The dresses are pretty, but I'm not getting married anytime soon, so I'll go back to lurking now.

    • I love that you are this much of a bug geek! I love bugs, but haven’t ever really had much opportunity to study them. We had an Entomology department at my university, but I never did take any classes from there (boo!)

  4. Okay, You Know You’re a Member of the OBE When…

    I wonder if the Audrey dress is dry clean only? Because polyester taffeta CAN be dyed… this dress would have a stunning afterlife as a sweet special occasion dress.

    • That’s a great question! I know there was also someone on Facebook who expressed concerns about the way the dress’s hem drooped down in the front (it that just the photo, or is that a pattern fail?), so it might be worth contacting Ruche to address all questions and concerns?

  5. OMGEEZIE!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for posting about this site. Not only are the wedding dresses drool worthy but there other stuff is awesome and from what I can tell fairly inexpensive. Plus when I go looking for vintage inspired clothes they end up looking like something out of a John Waters film, which is fine for a few fun pieces but I was looking for a company like this that tones it down a notch. THANK YOOOOOOOU!!!!

  6. Oh, how I wish I had the opportunity to wear one of these in my future. I might just buy the camilla mae and wear it ANYHOW.

  7. this post makes me miss the “vintage snacks”
    and is a perfect example of why I love, love, LOVE this site! amazing content (I wouldn’t need to get married to wear the Nadine dress and the overlay is the perfect touch to it) AND even the commentary is AMAZING.
    now to check out Ruche and their lovely headwear…

    • Wait…. whatever happened to the vintage snacks!?!?!? I liked them so much!

      • We stopped getting compelling submissions. But don’t you fret: we’ve got one coming this week!

  8. Okay, where was this when I was getting married two years ago and sweated to death in my dress? Oh well, I’m passing this on to my friends who are engaged!

  9. Love sleeves!! I’m sewing my own dress because I just couldn’t find anything with sleeves and a collar like I had in mind. If this had been out a few months ago I might have gone ahead and bought from them. I am enjoying sewing my own though.

  10. I might just have to buy one of those dresses for when I feel like having an elegant tea party. Or something. Cause seriously, wow.

  11. Can I just add how much I love that they tell you the height of the model, or length of the dress! As someone who is 5’9 and looong waisted a lot of dresses end up too short on me. Knowing the height of the model is super helpful!!!

    • I was just thinking the same thing. As a tall lady I often find dresses way to short.

  12. Ooh, pretty dresses! But am I the only one thinking these dresses wouldn’t fit anyone bigger than an A-cup? Nothing wrong with a tiny chest, but there’s no room for the ladies here…

    • I just bought my dress size 6 I’m a B cup fits great and I would even say I there was room for more up top.

  13. Many of those dresses are available from Unique Vintage (for less, I believe) and several of them are from the Nataya collection (look it up, you will drool). My friend got married in the “Claire” dress (it was BEAUTIFUL) but she paid about $150 for it a couple of years ago. That dress was also featured in black as a bridesmaid dress on the David Tutera wedding show. I think I’ve been looking at wedding dresses too long…

  14. Gorgeous…wishing I could have discovered them last year for my wedding! Could have gotten exactly want I wanted (Nadine dress) AND saved money. Where’s the nearest bridge? just kidding…

  15. My inner monologue while flipping through their bridal lookbook “oh my god, I have to pin that. (next page). Oh my god, I have to pin that. (next page). Oh my god I have to pin THAT.” This is amahzing, so grateful you posted this! It’s tougher than you’d think to find vintage inspired awesomeness.

  16. I am totally in love with this website. Whilst I already got my gown from a friend. I do plan on just having a plain old dinner after the reception. I would totally rock one of these dresses just to extend out feeling like a beautiful vintage rock star for a little longer.

  17. Figures. Why didn’t they release their stuff 5 months ago? When I was actually looking for my dress? (Instead of now, 4 weeks after the wedding?…) – Oh well, I still loved my dress! I’ll totally point any friends in their direction though! Such cute stuff!!

  18. I saw the site ad on here and I went right away I found the Claire one so beautiful. pretty much all the things i wanted in a dress, taupe-ish color, vintage feel, ankle length, affordable and SLEEVES!!! allot ppl don’t get how strongly i feel about bridal sleeves but i always felt that my dress should have em i so glad other ladies know how great sleeves are! all the other dresses are great as well but this one really caught my eye!! RUCHE Yea!!! now i just gotta wait for restock! 😀

    • You don’t have to wait for re-stock, the Claire dress is just the Nataya Ballerina dress – it comes in black, pink and ivory. Google and you’ll find other places to buy it for less than $400.

  19. Their lookbooks are indeed gorgeous, although I’m amused by the inclusion of white ponies in some of the shots. Look, it’s my bridal pony! Even better, two bridal ponies! With flowers in their manes!

    Aaand now I’ve gone and earwormed myself with ‘My Lovely Horse’ 🙂

  20. So lovely and super affordable! I’ve been looking for something off-white and shaped like the Addison Lee dress but can’t find much out there. Wish it wasn’t so extortionate to order to the UK.

  21. I’ve been shopping at Ruche for a couple years now. Just an FYI to all you Canadians out there, they ship via regular post, so their shipping rates are actually very reasonable.

  22. Do you know where I can possibly find the Audrey dress. It has been out of stock at Ruche for a couple of months and I am desperate to have it!

  23. I love posts like this, yay for gorgeous things that don’t break the bank! But having had this live-and-learn moment myself, I have to warn any Offbeat brides considering the Ophelia dress in gold from Lindy Bop…online it looks gorgeous and shimmery and buttery and ALL OF THE THINGS…but when it arrives, you will find it is a HOT KHAKI MESS. The fabric is dull and too dark, and at least speaking from a curvy gal’s side of things, the cut is horrendous and not at all made for a plus size lady. Take the word of a bride-to-be who was crushed upon the arrival of a not-so-dream dress…and has pictures to prove it.

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