Casey and Tim wanted more of a “first family reunion”-feel when they spent some quality photo time with Blue Dandelion Photography on their big day, June 11, 2011, at Trienen Farms in Lodi, Wisconsin. What resulted was a slew of gorgeous photos at a cliff-top ceremony with a farm reception.

Much of the planning had to do with two self-titled “Krafty Bitches” in Casey's two aunts, who served as day-of-coordinators. Casey was also planning from a state away while working full-time, going to school full-time, and running a freelance business. Yay for helpful family and friends!

(Oh, and fun side note: they are expecting twins soon!)

Casey was able to trade some design work for wedding sandals and bought an inexpensive rack dress from David's Bridal along with some accessories found on Etsy. All budget-conscious choices make for a happy bride.

Casey admitted to giving Tim's finger a lick to get the ring on! Scandalous.

Launch lavender — the tossing choice of champions.

The crafty couple used inexpensive party lanterns and twinkle lights to sparkle up the tent and farm area. There were also three coffee-filter chandeliers hung in the barn. Lawn games entertained, from custom “corn hole” and a “hippie horse shoes” set, to a giant “Jenga” game. All were hand-made by loved ones.

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The flowers were bulk purchased and picked up the day before the wedding along with arrangement ideas from a local flower farm, Abundance Acres in Madison.

The contrast of tattoos, pink hair, wildflowers, and pastoral scenery is mesmerizing. Tim wore a deeply discounted suit, but they splurged a bit on a Brooks Brothers reversible bow-tie and a Goorin Brothers artist series hat.

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Don't get lost. The hitchin' is that-a-way.

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That's a real live farm, that is. The reception took place below the cliffs in the barn and on the lawn of a beautiful farm. They rented large tents and used simple picnic tables with plastic sheeting for dinner seating. Hayrides around the farm also ensued.

Warm fuzzies in the form of couple photos.

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Casey and Tim sent out RSVPs asking family and friends to make treats for a dessert buffet. See: mouth-watering pies, cupcakes, pastries, and more. Casey's mother made the three-tier Rice Krispie treat cake using custom form pans that her father made.



Thanks to Blue Dandelion Photography for inviting us into this home-spun affair. Casey and Tim (plus helpers) crafted a very cool and countrified party.

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Comments on Wildflowers and farmland at this clifftop wedding in Wisconsin

  1. OH. MY. GOD. I WANT THIS WEDDINGGGG. Srsly. I just want to insert myself, my betrothed, my friends, and family into this scene. Too bad Wisconsin is so far away!

    • Not gonna lie, I fantasize about making that cake … at home … for just myself … all the time.

  2. Rice….krispie….cake!??!?!?!??!?! Can I has one please!??! haha That is amazing.
    The whole place looks beautiful and I would be playing on those tires all day!

  3. oh gosh, this one is so amazing. I love the simplicity. I also love a pregnant bride. 🙂 I am thinking of getting my dress at David’s and this gives me hope for that option.

    Speaking of pregnancy, I wish there was a ‘pregnant bride’ category here. Would love to scroll through some of those weddings.

    • That WOULD be awesome.Particularly when you think how stressful it would be for a pregnant bride to be pregnant AND planning a wedding. Hormones flying out of wack, issues with dresses that make ya look gorgeous wtih a bump, food cravings and for that matter food mmmm issues (ie. puke if smelled lol). Great idea!

  4. YES to the cake!!! I love it, and now I can point people who think I am mad for suggesting this as a wedding cake to these beautiful photos. HAH!

  5. Wisconsin is bitchin’. So glad I’m getting married there! Oh, and I just showed the rice krispie cake to The Boy. And he said “Sweet! But it’s not really cake. It’s a lie!” and then we both LOL’d.

    • lmbo love the cake is a lie thing and the way he tied that in. Kudos to him! The cake really is awesome tho 😀 *wonders what it would look like if someone added colored rice krispie flowers and or colored the tiers* As to it being a cake or not… well after watching some of the cake things on HGTV I’ve noticed that they use a lot of rice krispies for some of the harder to design cakes, INCLUDING wedding cakes, along with the molding chocolate, fondant and all the other trimmings. So… is it a cake, a lie or strangly both?

  6. That is gorgeous. Very nicely thought out and put together. Love the scenery and atmosphere, and you are such a pretty bride!

  7. This is stunning – it’s all so dreamy and gentle. I love the ‘Hitchin’ sing, I love the Rice Krispie cake (which I pure have to try sometime). Beautiful scenery. I love the grooms hat and might make Himself pop on something similar. And her dress and tattoos and gorgeous figure and flowers in her hair… It’s like something out of a lovely dream.

  8. My fiance hates cake, and while I’m indifferent I really want to do cute cake toppers. THIS CAKE JUST SAVED MY TOPPERS! As an aside, does anyone have an opinion about how easy/difficult that would be to slice and serve?

    • It shouldnt be too hard to slice/serve because just like when you make regular rice krispie bars it should just slice mmmm kinda like meatloaf? Or brownies brownies would be a good example. No crumbling, and the marshmallows hold it together, Think about when you eat a rice krispie, it makes neat clean bites. I would figure that the cake would as well. Though if yer making one like that you may want to either a. let it dry out a lil more or b. make sure that the consistancy isnt quite as soggy as usual. Since the pieces are thicker they’d be less apt to hold quite as firm.

  9. This is one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen. I want to be friends with y’all.

  10. Eeeee, LOVE this wedding. It’s one of those ones that give me the chills a bit. I think maybe I love it so because I went for a bit of a “family reunion” vibe with my own wedding too. Otherwise we would’ve had a small destination wedding in Cape Breton. We can save that for a vow renewal someday. Family reunion weddings are where it’s at!

  11. I would very much so like to know the exact location of the clifftop ceremony… I am currently searching for an outdoor venue not too far from Madison, Wisconsin and this one is absolutely lovely.

  12. Hi there.

    Been browsing through the galary and came across your stunning rice crispy wedding cake.

    I would like to know if you could please be kind enough and share the size of your pans and the recipe for this please.

    I would appreciate it ever so much.

    Thanking you


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