What to do with all those wedding cards?

Guest post by ellyiar

It's been a couple months since my wedding now and I am ALMOST done with Thank You cards and cleaning up. One thing that came up as I was organizing and getting life back to normal was what to do with the mass amount of beautiful and thoughtful cards we received. It seemed a shame to just throw them away or put them in a box which I would probably never look in again. So, I had and then implemented two ideas that I think turned out rather well…

1. Wall art:

7686690340 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)A lot of the cards are so pretty and colorful, so I thought they'd make awesome decorations. I bought these clips on Amazon, then printed pictures of flowers from the wedding and cut out just the flower part to superglue on the front of the clips. Then I stuck the clips to the wall and slid the cards in.

7686675272 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)I figure as other holidays come up and we receive more cards I can switch the old cards out for new ones. So it's a fun, seasonal display.

2. Wedding scrapbook:

7686688108 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)I am a big scrapbooker, so I always knew I'd be making my own scrapbook/album for the wedding. I normally just use spiral sketchbooks and don't bother with anything on the cover, but I wanted to do something more special for the wedding. I spent a lot of time shopping around for a blank notebook with a nice cover that felt right, but couldn't find anything. So, eventually, I just bought a new sketchbook and decided to use a collage of the wedding cards as the cover and put my sentiments on the inside.

7686681720 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)I went through all the cards cutting out my favorite images and messages until I had a pile of each. Then I used the images for the front and back covers (with a picture from the wedding of course) and put the messages on the inside. I think it turned out really well and now I'll get to keep and remember the cards forever.
7686678336 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Here's another idea for what to do with wedding cards. Now, what did you guys do with YOUR wedding cards?

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  1. We decorated our living room and kitchen doors with engagement cards so now I need to take them down and replace them with wedding cards 😀 They look so nice and decorative there.

  2. Wow! These are all great ideas! As for me, I’m thinking about making a collage out of all the cards I receive, taking a photo of it and posting the picture on Facebook or using it as a computer desktop. Heck, it may even be good enough to put in my portfolio. 🙂

    Keep coming with the card ideas!

  3. I cut mine up and glued them to a cardboard box decoupage style, and it’s now a catch-all on top of my fridge, and I get to see them every day. I did the same with my baby shower cards, old holiday and birthday cards (also old cd art and calendars).

  4. I’ll tell you what not to do – leave them in a bag in a drawer where your 4-year-old daughter can get to them. I’ll never forget the look on my mother’s face when she found me cutting the pretty pictures out…

  5. We just had our shower last weekend and I just finished sending out thank you’s when I read this post. I was wondering what to do with all the cards we were given and this post inspired me to take the prettiest and sweetest ones and hang them on the inside of my bedroom door. Every time I get up to go get ready for the day I’ll see all these glittery, lovely cards and remember the awesome day we had.

  6. I scanned all of ours into Evernote and filed them in a folder “Cards and Memorabilia”. Evernote Pro, which is like $5 a month, can even read text saved in JPG format in cards.

  7. we used a mailbox and postcards on a table as a guest book, my mom scrapbooked all of those for us. Now we use the mailbox to hold all the wedding cards, birthday, and hannukah, etc. cards that we get. It’s shiny and black and has a big red MAIL flag on it and it sits on our mantel 🙂

  8. We are having a 1920s wedding with a timeline guestbook and a time capsule that will hold keepsakes from the wedding including the table books for our guests to write in (doubling as table numbers). We will read each book on the designated anniversary, and put our wedding and anniversary cards in the books for each year :).

  9. I love this of the wedding scrapbook so much that I “borrowed” it for my baby shower cards too! Thanks!!

  10. I did not do this with wedding cards but for my baby shower cards I used them as matting for the photos itself, and cut out the cute little animals, and stuck them overlapping the edges, etc. Kind of like you did, but in a different way. I did something similar with the messages I liked and some of the pre-printed poems that were really nice.

  11. i haven’t done it yet, but i hope to fold up an icosahedral star and cut/glue bits of wedding card onto each facet. i have all the cards from when my late husband and i got married in 2007 still, and there’s a lot of white/glitter/pearls/rhinstones/etc in those, so i was thinking it might make a good christmas decoration. my dude and i plan to get married on halloween in two years, so maybe if the white/glitter/pearls/rhinestones/etc theme repeats on that one, i’ll drape it in black tulle and spiders and make it a halloween decoration. lol

  12. We used an extra large pretty scrap book for a guest signing book. We have loads of pages left over to put our favorite cards in.

  13. I’d probably take pics of my favorite cards and inscriptions, and use them in my wedding photobook (i intend to print a few using shutterfly: one for us, and one each for respective sets of parents and grandparents). Then I’ll fussy-cut my favorite card elements and save them as ephemera for journaling.

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