Offer your guests customized event wristbands

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One element familiar to carnival and fair-goers alike is one of those colorful Tyvek wristbands. If you're going for a carnival-themed wedding, giving guests wristbands could totally help set the mood. They fit in perfectly at Jenn and Cody's colorful, circus-y wedding.

Wristbands are great for keeping track of those who are of legal age to drink, or to get into certain areas of a shared-space venue. And since most of them come with a unique number on each, you could use them for raffles or giveaways.

Check out the colors available in printable bulk wristbands at Amazon, or get them professionally printed at places like

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Comments on Offer your guests customized event wristbands

  1. We did this! Our’s were gold rubber ones. The served as wedding favor and entry back in for our after party burlesque show. People seemed to like them. I still wear one almost every day (since we had a ton extra – they apparently had a buy 100 get 100 free deal so we ended up with 200 when we needed about 75!)

      • Totally! Then again – they fade over time (and showering and water aerobics classes) so I just have the extra’s tucked away and always have a shiny new one! LOL.

  2. Oooh, that’s a cute idea! Although I always hate having those bands on my wrist at events – I cannot wait to get home and snip them off. 🙂

  3. Excellent idea to prevent uninvited guest from crashing your special day especially when you have a prepaid head count.
    Some folks love to crash and attend your event for free food and drinks and want give you a simple card or a gift.
    So to elimnate the bride and groom from spending additional funds on they wedding day for the uninvited this is a EXCELLENT IDEA. ALSO A PERSONALIZE KEEPSAKE FOR THEIR INVITED GUEST!!!!

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