Wedding shower for couples: play this movie-matching shower game!

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Sometimes wedding shower games can tend toward the cloying and even downright embarrassing. Even if you're not planning a wedding shower for a couple, the activities at showers can feel silly — and if non-frilly types are attending… you probably don't want to play girly games like OMG PURSE RAID or THE LINGERIE GAME TEE HEE HEE.

For those of you looking for a non-embarrassing (but still kinda romantic) wedding shower activity, we have a great wedding shower game from a reader named Catherine:

I made a movie-quote matching quiz for my cousin's wedding shower. It was matching famous romantic film titles with quotes from the film! It was clearly non-gendered, and not all personal and awkward for the couple but still has a romantic twist.

Wedding shower for couples game idea

I also included old movies to appeal to the grannies, and newer movies like some '90s stuff, and then The Great Gatsby for the younger folk. It worked out really well! The prize was a DVD of Casablanca, which cost me $12 at Amazon.

The joy of this movie-matching game is that you can totally customize it to your guests! Catherine provided a free printable version of the quotes and movies that she used, but you can edit the movies and quotes to be whatever you want… geeky movies? Horror movies? Even your favorite TV shows!

Download this wedding shower for couples game: Movie-Matching Quiz!

If you want to play this awesome, co-ed wedding shower game, download these FREE printables:

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  1. I wish I had seen this before my brother got married! It was so hard to find things we could adapt for a same-sex wedding. Sharing this idea with everyone I know!!

    • Cool, I’m glad you like the idea, and the concept is super adaptable to any group of people 🙂

  2. We did exactly this at my bridal shower and it was an absolute blast! Everyone had fun with it, and the best part is it can be completely versatile to fit what you and your guests know. We had a lord of the rings quote in our batch.

    • Awesome! I’d love to have a nerdier version of this. The group I made it for was multi generational and pretty traditional as well, so I tried to find quotes that would fit that, but I’ll admit I didn’t enjoy leaving out the great loves like Arwen and Aragorn and Han and Leia 😉

  3. Ummmm…. you got an answer sheet to go with that game? I wish I had seen this before my own shower, but I’ll have plenty coming up in the next few years!

    • Hello,

      I don’t have an official answer sheet, but I’ll just list it here! Numbered by quote from top to bottom.

      Quote 1: Last of the Mohicans
      Quote 2: Gone with the Wind
      Quote 3: The Princess Bride
      Quote 4: When Harry Met Sally
      Quote 5: Casablanca
      Quote 6: The Sound of Music
      Quote 7: An Affair to Remember
      Quote 8: Titanic
      Quote 9: The English Patient
      Quote 10: As Good as it Gets
      Quote 11: The Great Gatsby
      Quote 12: Ghost

  4. Love this one! Too bad I just had my co-ed shower. I asked for no games, mostly because I hate the ho ones key. Of course one of my bridemaids went ahead anyways because she loves them. The toilet paper dress game was a hit, and the guys loved playing it too! She also put out the purse game and a few other papers on the tables and only those who wanted to participated. She also did a tricky tray style lottery to win gift baskets, with different themes. People seemed to like that too.

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