The Pi Day ode to wedding pies

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I'll let you in on a fact about offbeat wedding photographers: one of our most “in demand” wedding photography days is Pi Day. Yup, March 14th is the perfect day to get married for any nerdy couple. Now, you already saw the Pi Day wedding I shot last year, and you probably noticed their abundance of delicious wedding pies. Cake v. pie arguments aside, let's take a moment on this frabjous day to celebrate the wonder that is wedding pies.

Cake toppers
Michelle made those pie toppers, and they're standing in the shape of pi for their Pi Day wedding — PIE INCEPTION!

piecut 011012 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Here's Miranda and Evan cutting their wedding pie with the DIY pie topper in honor of where they met.

Pie With InitialsI have to say, carving your initials into your wedding pie is pretty damn legit and delicious… legicious?

rhubarb wedding pie!
Gotta love these flag toppers on the rhubarb wedding pie.

Wedding whoopie pies
“A co-worker makes these delicious gigantic whoopie pies, aptly named Gigantor. They have been part of our family celebrations for a few years now. The baby whoopie pies were lovingly crafted by [the groom's] mom.”

piesCheck out this pie spread!

Wedding pies!Look at Stacey's tiny, itty-bitty, mini pies! If you feel so inclined to DIY these mini pies for your wedding, Think Geek, my favorite place to shop, has their Personal Pie Factory on sale right now! I vote for mini pies for all!

Chad and Matt not only served pie at their wedding, but they served up said wedding pies themselves! Check out the adorable chef hats.

Sara does't like cake, so she served pies at their wedding instead. She also made the labels pictured above. Oh, and she also included pie in her vows:

I am marrying you not because you make the best key lime pie in the world, or because we both think it's reasonable to wash our dishes with Windex when we run out of soap… I am marrying you because you are my best friend, because we've managed to create a life filled with laughter, passion, creativity, silliness, and support. And a lot of wine.

I LOVE PIEKara and Nicki served pizza and pie at their wedding. Obviously, the pie was a big hit.

Picture 034Amy and Mikel did a “pie poll” ahead of time to not only get their guests excited about having wedding pie, but to also gain an idea of what pies to order for everyone.

Pies!Home made pie buffet!

piesFrequent Offbeat Bride contributor Elizabeth made 25 wedding pies, complete with adorable hearts.

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  1. Love seeing other Pi Day weddings and pie at weddings, we’re celebrating our second anniversary today 🙂

  2. Pies for the win! My baker-whiz bridesmaids and I said ix-nay to cake and will be baking pies galore for my July wedding, so I’m happy (and hungry…) to see this post. We’re also going to make a pièce montée–a requirement for my French fiancé–but that one’s going to be a bit trickier to assemble…

  3. Yay pi/e! My sweetie and I are getting married one month from today. He brought me pie for breakfast today and an awesome pie card.

    We also did a pre-wedding pie survey, which was very popular, and are serving a variety of pies from one of our favorite restaurants. Pie rules!

  4. Groom and I almost scheduled our wedding for the 22nd of July, in celebration of International (Nearly) Pi Day…

  5. So delicious looking! I am dying to have pie as THE dessert for my wedding this coming spring. Did the DIY brides bake them the day before? Surely they didn’t DIY baking on the day of the wedding? Or did they?! Help! I need to figure out if this is DIY-able for my wedding or if I need to find a skilled bakery.

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