Here’s the trick to making wedding music choices SO much easier

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Here's the trick to making wedding music choices SO much easier

Raise your hand if you're already overwhelmed trying to build your wedding playlist. You know you've got some favorite songs, but can't for the life of you remember what they are or which ones would make a good processional, first dance, and a billion other moments where music just makes the moment. That's why we are SO pumped that we partnered with My Wedding Songs to make playlist building so.much.easier.

The first thing to know: they've ALREADY DONE THE WORK! There are hundreds of playlists and song suggestions for every moment. You can find popular classics and less mainstream songs you may not have heard of, but could instantly love. You can also refine your song search with era playlists, days of the year lists (based on times of the year and holidays), genre playlists (hip hop, jazz, rock, etc.), love songs, and a TON more.

Here's the trick to making wedding music choices SO much easier

You can also find recently released music for wedding moments, which we know is HARD to find sometimes. In your research, you'll be inundated with wedding marches and Canon in D. This list will keep it a leeetle more updated.

Ooh, and you may love this list of My Wedding Songs' most popular songs (either to see what's hot or see what may be too trendy for your list — either way!). And there's always the 300 greatest wedding songs that they've found to be classic and all-time faves.

Now matter what? Inspiration city, y'all.

Here's the trick to making wedding music choices SO much easier

More of our favorite lists:

See WAY more playlists here.

Here's the trick to making wedding music choices SO much easier

Want ALL the work done for you?

You can absolutely go through all of the ideas and music suggestions on My Wedding Songs OR you can take a huge shortcut and have them build the playlists for you. A paid service that they offer is to build your whole playlist including all the major events like the processional, the first dance, bouquet toss, reception dancing music, etc. This will cover six hours worth of music, so it's a LOT.

Here's the trick to making wedding music choices SO much easier

If you're ready to start making real progress on your whole wedding music lineup, My Wedding Songs has so much content to narrow down your ideas. And if you just want to offload the whole job? They've got that option, too. go forth and find your music soulmates!

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Comments on Here’s the trick to making wedding music choices SO much easier

  1. This was my experience with my wedding music: it wasn’t hard for me to choose songs for specific moments (I knew what I wanted), but then again we only had the processional for both of us, no father/daughter dance, no first dance etc.

    I did spend lots of time editing and choosing music for the pre-ceremony while guests were arriving and mingling while we had pictures done, as well as the cocktail-style reception playlist (no dancing). Turns out that as far as I could tell none of it really mattered. I wasn’t there to hear the pre-ceremoy stuff, but I imagine that people were too busy drinking and chatting to hear it. I also didn’t get to hear my husband’s entrance song, and I barely heard mine since I was so focused on my husband (I barely remember my dad walking me in because of this, but there’s pictures to prove he was there). My mom assures me it was all beautiful but I heard nothing. Same issue with the reception music: people were so busy chatting and drinking it didn’t matter at all what I’d chosen. I even forgot to edit one song that has a minute and a half of thunderstorms at the end but neither I nor anyone else (that I know of) noticed this, or even heard the song play.

    Again, this was my experience at my wedding with no dancing. Music choice would probably matter much more during a more formal ceremony (mine was in my living room, as was the reception) and if the reception had dancing because then music is the focus. My apartment ended up very warm inside due to the amount of people and 20 DEGREES CELCIUS in October so most people were outside on my thankfully spacious balcony, where you couldn’t hear the music anyway.

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