Super cute editable & printable wedding hashtag sign

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Free wedding hashtag sign printable from @offbeatbride

After you've played around with your names, your themes, and your favorite words because you've decided to come up with your most perfectly crafted #weddinghashtag, you'll need to let all your guests know to USE IT!

BTW: Guests, don't be making up hashtags! That helps nobody find all the scattered photos on social media.

To make things a bit easier, I've created a little wedding hashtag sign printable you can download, edit, and use to let everyone know about your designated hashtag of choice.

You can edit the hashtag, your names, and the date in your favorite graphics program.

Download the editable wedding hashtag sign PDF:

Let's create your hashtag!

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Comments on Super cute editable & printable wedding hashtag sign

  1. I have to admit, the whole hashtag thing baffles me.
    I know my guests will be taking photos and posting them on social media – and after the wedding, I’ll just go to their facebook/instagram/whatever profiles and check out what photos they posted from the wedding (and download them so I have them saved to my computer). I don’t really see the need for a hashtag, and the photos won’t be “scattered” on social media, they’ll be presumably posted by people we know (since we invited them to our wedding, after all!) who we already following/friends with on social media… so if they’re posting photos, we’re going to see those photos whether they’re hashtagged or not.
    Why the rabid obsession with hashtags and the panic to get guests to use them as if the world would end if they didn’t?

    • A hashtag is just a convenient way to collect those photos so you don’t have to search them down. If you have a large guest list, I can see where this would be helpful.

    • Hashtags make so much sense to me. Lemme see if I can explain why:

      * Sure, you might follow all your guests on social media, but do you follow their +1s?
      * You’re not going to be watching social media on your wedding day, and a hashtag means you don’t have to scroll back days (or weeks!) later to see your wedding photos.
      * With a hashtag, you can browse all the photos at once, rather than looking up dozens of your guests social media profiles one by one.

      A hashtag means you basically have ONE place to look on each social media network, instead of looking at dozens of social media accounts, across multiple social media networks.

  2. I may be technically challenged, but I can seem to edit this PDF after downloading it. Do you need a special program in Adobe? Thanks!

    • Hey, Lauren, Are you using Adobe Photoshop? That will let you edit the hashtag, names, and date. In other programs, you may need to just cut out that copy and re-type on top to make it work.

  3. Hmm…photoshop just shows a static image that can’t edit text and Word/Adobe skew the text weirdly angled lol? Aieeee!

  4. If you have specific corrections, feel free to submit them by clicking the “FIX TYPO” button at the end of the post.

  5. Our hashtag is, #nuttonbutpikes! My last name is nutton and his is pike! So after we get married we will be, #nuttonbutpikes.

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