Let’s talk about free wedding hashtag generators… #Go!

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Wedding hashtags: they're not just for hipsters. Having your own hashtag is one of the easiest ways to not only collect extra photos from your guests, but also to share your event with people who have to be MIA on your wedding day.

There are some really great wedding hashtag services out there — we especially love THE WEDDING HASHERS, who've written thousands and thousands of wedding hashtags for folks. They make it super easy:

You take 2 minutes to give them some basic info about you and your fiancé, and then their network of creative minds will write you personalized hashtags. You get their best hashtag options in your inbox within ONE business day. I mean, that's pretty great. You can check out some of the super-clever hashtags they've created over here.

wedding hashtag ideas

Be warned: Choosing the right hashtag is mega important. I have friends who blended their initials to create a special hashtag… only to find out that the hashtag they'd chosen was actually already very popular! All their wedding photos got lost in a sea of photos and videos of strangers. Oops.

Or maybe you wanted to use your last names, but people have a hard time remembering how to spell it? Now you have photos spread out over #SmithFindleywedding and #SmithFindlaywedding or that one guy who kept using #FindlaySmithwedding (what was his deal!?).

Photo by Brynne Owen

Yes, you can put reminders of the hashtag in strategic places to help with spelling errors. But you also need to first find that perfect, unused, easy-to-remember wedding hashtag.

Again, we're a huuuuuuge fan of THE WEDDING HASHERS, but for those of you who want to take your chances in the comments section, we can see what we can do!

Here are a few of our favorites that our readers have come up with:

  • My new last name is Handley, which sounds (a little bit) like Happily – so we went classic, romantic with our hashtag and chose #HandleyEverAfter
  • I'm going to be a Howe, so ours is #HoweSweetItIs
  • Last name Pham: #wearePhamily
  • For last name Gidrey: #GidreyUp
  • New last name Grey: #isupportgreymarriage
  • Last name Wiener: #WienerTakesAll
  • My name is Annelise and my last name is my fiance's name is Alex: #bringyourAgame
  • Last name Wilk: #WilkYouMarryMe
  • Last name Pitts: #newPittsontheblock
  • Last name Whiteley: #NiceDayForAWhiteleyWedding
  • Brittany & Aaron: #Brittron
  • I'm the Holsinger and he's the Webster: #theWebbingSinger
  • Last name Blake: #takestheblake

…but that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Wedding Hashtag ideas 4 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

VERY IMPORTANT: Remember that hashtags don't HAVE to be about last names!

Try playing with the name of your venue, your wedding theme, your wedding date, your first names squished together, the time of year of your wedding, shared interests, or just good puns. You can also take a quiz, or look at other couples hashtags to get more ideas. One of our favorite wedding hashtags we saw recently was #weddingthebed. HA!

So, guys, what awesome wedding hashtags did you think up? Let's generate our own hashtags!

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Comments on Let’s talk about free wedding hashtag generators… #Go!

  1. My maiden name is Moon, my fiancé’s is Klee. I am becoming a Klee 7-4-2020. We’ve used every generator we could find with nothing that really stuck with us. Any suggestions welcome and thoroughly appreciated

    • Just throwing some ideas out there:
      KleeMoonAid (play on lemonade?)

  2. Help! Any idea for my friend’s wedding hashtag
    groom: Gon
    bride: Claire
    Family name: Reyes
    thank you in advance! ?

    • #SavageWedding sounds awesome

  3. HELP!! I’m Britt. Marrying a ‘Pitts” (first name Kenny) . I cant seem to find any silly/cute/puns for this. I am against BrittTakesPitts for obvi reasons lol

  4. #BecomingSavage #TurningSavage #FinallySavage you could also do a search with popular song lyrics containing the word Savage

  5. Bride is Brooke, Groom is Ryan, the last name is Stoll (sounds like stole). Any ideas for a wedding hashtag playing off the last name Stoll

  6. We are getting married in july od 2020 and Last name is Perry
    We wanted #EatDrinkandBePerry but it is taken as are the ones you think of right away PerryEverAfter etc. any ideas.

  7. Not sure if this thread is still active but our last name will be Helliwell, his first name is Danny and mine is Sam (my maiden name is Goold). He’s british but now living with me in Australia. I have come up with one option but is a bit long so just wondering if anyone has any ideas.

  8. Help! It is really hard to come up with a good hashtag for our wedding. I’m Emily Russell, marrying Bryan Harrington, but everything I’ve come up with is taken!

  9. His last name is Coleman.
    Mine is currently Franks.
    We have thought of a few but none are too great. We really want something punny!

  10. Hi can help me my name is Jacqueline Yadao and my partner is Joseph Avestruz
    Any suggestion for hashtag.
    Thank you very much!


  11. Having trouble with names Avinder (Singh) and Sharanjeet (Dhaliwal) for wedding hastags. Help please. This required a lot of creativity.

  12. My last name is Rowson, his is Pigorsch. I’m having such a hard time coming up with a hashtag, please help! We are both taking his last name.

    • #WillShePigorschWontShe

  13. We’ll be married next year. It means a lot for your help on our hashtag. =). many thanks. Godbless =)
    Name: Ruby

  14. Hello Everyone,

    Can anyone help with our hashtag
    Names: Sharelle & David
    Married Name: Melchior pronounced Mel-Kee-Or
    Date: 9/19/20
    Location: Miami

    • #MelchiOrBust

  15. So, ours can have many possibilities. I want something funny.
    My last name is Shiner & his is Dicks.

  16. I am trying to think of a hashtag using my fiances last name which will become our married name. Chelsea & Mathew Clements. Thanks so much for the suggestions.

  17. Please help me get my wedding hastags. Until now, I can’t still find one.

    Camille Bianca (bride)
    Melvin (groom)

    Thanks 🙂

  18. Hi, my wedding is next month. And I haven not come up with a hashtag as our names are hard.
    Bride: April Wee Li Wei
    Groom: Daniel Hung Tin Yau
    Our last name is Wee & Hung respectively
    Wedding venue: Andaz
    Appreciate your help much!

    • Feel like this should be easier since our first names rhyme and his last name (which I’ll be taking) isn’t hard fo work with.. but we have nothing 19 days out!

      Glenn and Jen Hayes

      Thanks guys!!

      • #WeeBelHungTogether
        You could also do a play on the word “and” with your first name initials… #ANDatAndaz or #foreverANDever


        • I replied to both posts because in my inbox they showed up as a post and a reply, but I didn’t notice until now that Amy’s wedding is already past. Oops.

  19. Hey everyone, looking for help with a hashtag, new last name will be August and my hubby’s name is Isaac if that helps. Wedding is not taking place in August though .. lol

  20. My friend is getting married on August 30th this year. Her name is Sarah Schmitt and her fiance’s name is Kenny Tran. She is unsure if she is taking his last name yet so I am having a hard time thinking of something. Something witty would be nice. Any ideas?

  21. What about Jordan Horvath (yep, Whore-vath) and Nelia (Knee-la) Genoud (Jen-new)?

  22. My last name is Bergeron, my fiancé’s last name is Cornejo. I’m struggling to find something that works with Cornejo. Help! Our first names are Alisha and Casey.

  23. My last name is Janis, his is Cunningham (first is Michael). I’m not wild about #OnCloudCunningham or #CaughtACunningham. I love the punny ideas but with our own it’s so hard! Help!

  24. Hello!
    My friends are getting married and we can’t think of a fun hashtag for the name Khan or Maria! If anyone could help, that would be great!

  25. These are incredible! so clever!
    How about Meg and Brendan Norton, two accountants getting married in Philly and love them some budlight 🙂

  26. would love some help for the last name Bye. We’ve got … ByeTheKnot and BecomingByes but I wanted to see if you wonderful people had any other ideas.

  27. My name
    Cain Holcomb
    Her name
    Mackenzie Travis

    We have no clue, any hashtags would help.

    Wedding is slated for nov 16th 2019

  28. Looking for a hashtag with the names Jeel Shah & Mohit Nagarkar. Friends came up with MoGotTheJ but I don’t find that unique. Help please?

  29. My name is Jami georgiades and his name is Shawn hamrick. Our wedding is in July 2020. My nickname is Jamo and his is hambone or ham. I work at a hospital and does construction/plumbing.. helppppp!

  30. Hello my name is Darcelle (bride) and groom is Donald. My last me is Elder-Gotta and his is Osuala. I tried other hashtag name generator and didn’t find anything that I liked. Please help

  31. My name is Gabrielle Valdez
    My fiancé’s name is Jay Benavidez

    Any ideas??

  32. Getting married Oct 22, 2022. My last name is Story, and fiance’s is Klesen

  33. My husband and I had a small ceremony last year with just immediate family so we are having a “one year celebration” with friends and extended family. Pretty sure we have the worst/best names possible (however you look at it).

    Esther Cox and Gavin Mole – Cannot think of a hashtag that’s not super inappropriate or absolutely ridiculous. Please help!! Oh! and I kept my last name.

  34. My last name will be Erwin (don’t like #Erwinning). We’re getting married on a ranch in Jackson!

  35. My name is Jess Domsky and his name is Andrew Abloeser. We are totally stuck!!!

    • #AbsolutelyAbloeser

      This is a little difficult for me without knowing the name pronunciations. I always also ache to remind people that while punny hashtags are great, the whole purpose of a hashtag is to help people identify the two of YOU. Sometimes puns are a real reach. So feel free to add details like dates, themes, inside jokes, location, etc. to come up with things. Also, couple mashup nicknames (think J-Rod, Kimye) are cool, yet underused. Good luck, Jess!

  36. Hi trying to help a friend,
    Names Lauren nightingale and Dan oldfield (to become oldfields)

    Any help will be appreciated!

  37. Hi!
    My friends are getting married and they can’t come up with a wedding hashtag! I would love your help!

    Her name – Reetika Chhajer
    His name – Sangeet Jain

    Please help!

  38. My fiance and I are having the worst time trying to tie our names into a hashtag

    Nikki Bradshaw and Staci Waligorski

  39. Hi, I need help! Thank you in advance!

    Groom: Alan Zelaya (nickname: Boogs)
    Bride: Michelle Macale (nickname: Hon)

  40. Hi! My name is Cynthia Lee and his name is Timothy Messing. We are taking his last name. Any suggestions?

  41. Hi all! My name is Cynthia Tiffany Lee and my soon to be hubby is Timothy James Messing. Date is set 12.4.2020. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  42. Alice Delahunt and Reese Lasher

    I’m from Texas. She’s from Ireland.
    We live in New York.

    Getting married at a castle in Ireland next weekend.

    Lesbian wedding.

    Any ideas?

  43. Hi! My name is Liesa Kamaludin and his is Ariff Roduan. I would really really really appreciate your help on any ideas to make this a wedding hashtag!

  44. Any ideas on the names Katie Mueller and Mike McKarski. We are getting married this summer at a Boathouse. We will be taking his name! I would love some suggestions!

  45. Need some help, I’m not good at this type of thing…
    Fiance is Raymond Starks

    • #Starksflying (like sparks flying)

  46. Oh I’m having a great time reading through all the comments!
    We are getting married on 1 Feb 2020 at a School Camp
    Steph Rich and Matthew Piper… Struggling to come up with anything – Would love your help!

  47. You guys are all amazing! Just doing this for fun as it’s a joke between my boyfriend and I ?

    But I’m Bronte O’Brien or nickname Bee and he is Brett Monteath or nickname Mono

    Show us what you’ve got! Generators aren’t as punny as we would like haha

  48. Need your help my fiance name is Kelvin his last name is Gulla the generator gave me #HappilyEverGULLAs any other suggestions? thanks in advance!

  49. I’m struggling to find a cool hashtag. I’m new name will be Krueger! It’s 11/14/2020. Fall theme. Please help$

  50. How about Ok? Pronounced “Oak” but I can see how a pun with Okay could be used.

  51. Looking for help with a wedding hastag. Our names are unusual and hastag generators can’t deal. Plus I would love to do something a bit more creative. Any help would be highly appreciated!!

    Raphaella Kreiling
    Judah Caplan

    We are getting married on Thanksgiving in Wanaka, New Zealand. We are both total weirdos and our reception venue is called “Wanaka’s Wonderful World of Weirdness”

  52. Hi, can you help me to come up with a cute hashtag?

    Our names:

    Thank you in advance!

  53. I’m hoping I can get some ideas for a hashtag for our upcoming wedding.

    My last name is Quinn and his is Thomas.

  54. I’m hoping I can get some ideas for a hashtag for our upcoming wedding.

    My last name is Quinn and his is Thomas.

  55. I’m not sure if this post is still being monitored for comments since I see comments from 2015….
    But would love some help!
    Bride: Mabel Chan
    Groom: Richard Youn (pronoused Yoon)
    So far thought #MabelsgettingRich #SwoonedbyYoun #YounerthanLater


  56. We need help with the last name Graham. So far I have #2GrahamsInLove, #2Become1Graham, #CallUsTheGrahams.

  57. My best friend is getting married and we are thinking of hashtags but are finding it difficult, help?. her last name is Clark but his is Jensen..

  58. These are all so great! If anyone is still commenting, my last name will be Winklbauer.

    My name is Courtney Flinn
    His is McKenzie but he goes by Wink.
    He’s a fireman.
    We’re getting married at a place called The Goldfish Barn.

    Go! 🙂

  59. Hi there! Any fun/cute suggestions for:

    first and last name = michelle dale
    his = stephen law

    Thank you!

  60. Hey, I’m getting married in October, my surname will be Menon, current first name is Rosie (Rosanna) and my nickname is Goose.

  61. My name is Arianna and my partner’s name is Joe. We are getting married after nearly 10 years of dating on October 3, 2020 at an Italian restaurant in NYC. Any help coming up with a creative hashtag would be MUCH appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

  62. Hi ! love your writing. I have a challenging task coming up with our wedding hashtag 🙁 last name I will be taking is Agricola (his first name is Michael or Mike) My name is Victoria/Vic Munroe . Getting married Sept 2021, have dated for 10 years, met and have been friends since grade 4/2001, elementary school/childhood friends 🙂 PLEASE HELP! 🙂 –Victoria

    • Hi! My current last name is Stout but will be changing it to Galante. First names are Amanda and Mike. Getting married September, 11 2020. We met at a jimmy buffett concert.

  63. someone help me with Aamna Khan and Usama Sadiq i cant think of anything! something nicw and punny and cute possibly harry potter related

  64. Alright I’m in need of some serious help!
    My name is Brianna and his is Dauvon (pronounced duh-von) & our last name will be McCormick. Any suggestions?

  65. Hey I need help! My name is Izzy Butts and his is Kevin Bedel (Bay-dull). I can’t think of anything really.

  66. My name is Assumpta and his name is Richard, our nicknames are Slim and Zulmi, please I need wedding hashtags suggestions

  67. Hi
    My fiances name is Brian Njoroge Mine is Tina Doll. Please help!

    Thanks 🙂

  68. Last name Crane- It’s a Vow Renewal/ Second Wedding (38 year anniversary)

  69. Hi Everyone!
    Would love for some input here.
    My name is Jacqueline (Jackie) Wong, and fiancee’s name is Richard (Rich/Ricardo) Lyn.
    #JacqueLYN would be an option.
    Also thought of #jackgetsrich

    Any other ideas?

  70. My name is Kelley and their name is Matt- Last name is McGregor. Need help please!

  71. So my fiances last name is Lefebvre (pronounced Lay-fave) and mine is Everett. Need help creating a catchy hashtag. First names are Jen and Alex.

  72. I am Jessica or Jess. He is Heath. His last name is Vaughn. Please help

  73. Need a fun hashtag. My name is Ally Alexy, his name is Remy Victoria. We love salsa; both the food and the dance and make our own beer and wine.

  74. Hey all. I have one that might be fun. His last name is Chott (pronounced cot), first name Jon. My name is Abby Anderson. I thought it would be neat to do a play on the word “caught”.

    This isn’t the first marriage for either of us.


  75. Hey my name is Zeal Parmar and my fiancé is Vaibhav Sidhpura
    I would like to have a quirky indian hashtag

  76. My name is Kelsea, new last name will be Ballard. His name is Chris. We are getting married on a Friday – 3/20/2020.. I am an ophthalmic scribe so not opposed to cheesy 20/20 puns. He’s a chemist. So far I have only come up with #becomingballard which I don’t love. Help!

  77. Hi, I need ideas for my daughter’s 18th birthday hashtag. Her name is Gabriella, Nickname is Gab/Gabie. Any suggestions, please? Party theme is Disney’s Mulan. Thanks!

  78. We are getting married in October we are from Minnesota but getting married in Fort Myers Beach, FL and we need help with our hashtag! Our last name will be Koch (pronounced cook) …he is also a mayor.

    (Full names: Nicole Kobbe and Kent Koch)

    Please Help

  79. HELP! My wedding is June 6th and we can’t think of a hashtag ? We love golfing if that helps and we’ve been together for almost 6 years with 2 kids
    Molly Rold
    Dylan King

  80. My name is Jasmine Hunt and my honey’s name is Athi Cobbs.
    I can’t come up with a play on “Cobbs”

  81. having a hard time with this on my last name is Lee and my Fiancés last name is Gabelman…. I’m stuck !help!

  82. I am having a hard time coming up with a hashtag for our wedding and could use some ideas! My Fiance’s last name is Julson (pronounced as ‘Jewel-Son) and my name is Koch (pronounced as ‘Coke’). Any ideas are great ideas at this point, just hit a wall since starting to think about it!

  83. It’s my first time being a made of honor and my friends first wedding! Iv been stuck on coming up with a #wedding hashtag. Her last name is Jackson and her fiancés is McCoy . Please help!!!!

  84. HELP! Cannot for the life of me figure out something we like.
    Our names:
    Matt(hew) Gorham & Jess(ika) Gore

  85. Hiya!

    My and my fiance Scott will marry soon. He is Scott Harrington and I am Lucy Read. I’m looking for good wedding hashtags for photos and our joint email address. I was thinking something like:


    Any other ideas?! Do mine sound ok?

  86. Hi, my last name is Warendorf (the “dorf” sounds like dwarf) and his last name is Anthony. The best I could come up with is #AnthonyEverAfter but I feel like someone could do some word play on the Anthony. Also we are getting married october of this year if that could help in any ideas….I couldn’t think of anything that made sense so anything helps. Thank you!

  87. Any ideas for the last name Cummings? Were both very punny so we want something fun

  88. Looking for a hashtag. HELP! his last name is amundson (am-mund-son) and mine is baker. Looking at having and October winery wedding or an October New Orleans wedding at Jackson square park

  89. My new last name will be Duque pronounced Do Kay

    His first name is: Omar
    My first name is: Amanda

    our wedding is in 2021 and will be fairy tale with hints of Disney everywhere however he proposed at Disney with a red glass rose from beauty and the beast so my main focus is that but each table will have a Disney centerpiece. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP

  90. Hi! My name is Ariana and my fiance’s name is Brendan. Walsh is the last name! Taking any and all suggestions!

    • Stumped on finding wedding hashtag for the last name FISK. Any ladies have some suggestions??

  91. This isnt for a wedding but I am throwing a close friend a big 40 birthday party! Her name is Robin trafford and I keep going back to something playing with:
    1. robbing something..maybe RobinHer40s?
    2. Robin- as in the bird. RobinFlewThroughHer30s

  92. I need some fun hashtags for the last name JAMES!! I am having the hardest time finding one

  93. My sister is getting married in 7 weeks and we’re scratching our brains trying to find the perfect wedding hashtag. The generators we used online are just so generic. Nothing really stood out to us. So let’s see if any of you can come up with a good one!

    Trying to come up with some for the last name Waddell….HELP!!!!

  94. My last name is Virgen (pronounced virgin). Any clever wedding hashtag suggestions?

  95. Can you help us come up with a hashtag for our wedding? My name is Judith Bartolo & my fiancé is Eumir Paradero.

  96. Hi! I am looking for a wedding hashtag. My last name is Bowman and my fiance’s is Bele, so something with Bele in it would probably work.

  97. I am getting married next September.
    Robert Capone
    Annalise DiSipio

    We love the casino…any ideas? We’ve got nothing. Rob’s idea is #AnnCaponeDoesMyShirts…..

  98. Me and my boyfriend have been together 8 years and his last name is Bugg. Help!!!!

  99. I need help with a hashtag please!! My name is Brittane’ De’She’ Brooks and his is Napoleon Sanchez

  100. My name is Kim Frank. My fiance’s name is Danny Clifford. We just got engaged after being together after being together for 25 years! I need help with a hashtag!

  101. Hi! I’m struggling to find something to go with the last name Melaun. My name is Natalie Norwood and his is Taylor Melaun. I came up with #WeMelaunTogether but felt that it was kinda boring.. any help?

  102. Help! My fiancé’s last name is Pendley and I need some suggestions. Our names are Hayden & Kylee

  103. What can you do with the last name Beal? Something cute and punny preferably!!

  104. Help Please!

    Lesbian wedding
    Her name Katrisha Dunn (Middle name is also Renee)
    My Name Renee (taking her name)
    Dallas, TX May wedding

  105. Help! All of the ones we’ve seen are super cheesy and over-used- Barn wedding, like country or rock. Hilarious outgoing people, so no need for a filter.

    Brides Name; Katie
    Future Hubby; Eli Coke

  106. Hi!! I need help 🙂
    Bride: Katherine (Kat)
    Groom: Buddy Griesedieck
    Fun fact: We met through Bumble just before COVID.

    He does NOT like: #KatFoundHerBuddy
    Thank you so much!!

  107. Having a hard time figuring out a unique hashtag.
    My last name is Hadwen, his is Lehman. I am taking his last name. Would like the Lehman incorporated somehow, any ideas from you peeps?
    All I have come up with is:
    #LehmanAtLast (I see its been used before though)

    Thanks in advance!!!

  108. hi, my name is Yesha Shah and my Fiance”s is Neel Shah. please could you help me create some good wedding hashtags

  109. Need a hashtag for my best friend’s wedding!
    Stacey Lamore and Sion Pierce
    Can’t seem to make anything work!
    Help appreciated 🙂

  110. Hi! Y’all have amazing ideas, planning my sisters bachelorette party in Vegas and looking for a fun Hashtag for Haily or the bee last name is Jones

  111. My first name is Carlysa. Fiancé’s name is Cameron. New last name will be Carter. Help!

  112. Hi there! I am looking for a wedding hashtag, my name is Tameika (Ta-mee-kah) Umbrio (Oom-bree-oh) and my fiancé’s name is Samuel (Sam) Jackson. Any help is appreciated! 🙂

  113. Hello!

    My fiance’s last name is Rogers, what is a creative but funny wedding hashtag?

    Thank you,

  114. My name is Gellyn His name is Addison James Daliva his nickname is aj…were getting married on november 10 2021, were in a relationship for almost 10years,,,need your help for a simple and cool hashtag??

  115. Hi guys,
    Getting married 30 April 2022
    Last name will be GRAMS
    Looking for something funny/ punny
    Help please 🙂

  116. I am looking for wedding hastag, Kindly help plz!

    Bride – Krupa Painter
    Groom – Jalay Dalal

  117. My new last name will be Bend; and we would like to have a cool hashtag!

  118. Please help me to do hashtag for my wedding

    Bride: Hazel Angelica
    Groom: Kevin Joshua

    • I mean with names like Rovelyn and Jaylord, all you need to do is #RovelynJaylord … it’s already so unique!

  119. My fiancé and I are getting married next month but can’t seem to find a creative hashtag! His last name is Bannister
    Can anyone help us out please??

  120. Hi!
    My last name is Colbert and my fiancés name is Stouffer. We met on match.com and we’re originally going to go with #finallyMATCHed but some people weren’t fans so we’re looking for a new one. Not much goes with Stouffer! Any ideas?

  121. I will be taking his last name which will be High! What would be a good one for that!

  122. Hi! I’m taking my partners last name which is Phelps and we’re stuck on a fun wedding hashtag to use for our events leading up to our big day.

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