Forget rice! Our reader Michele has created a more colorful and fun alternative for guests to show their enthusiasm…


Michele explains, “So when all the guests are seated for the ceremony, the four members of our bridal party will pass out the ‘yay' flags so everyone can wave them as they wish.”


“I wanted to do them out of fabric and print the designs, but time did not permit. Instead, I used some old and slightly sun-faded construction paper and ran it through the printer. This way I was also able to include our names and the date on the back. And instead of gluing them together, I ran them through the sewing machine.”

Want to know how to make these? Here's the full tutorial:

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Comments on YAY! Celebratory flags!

  1. That is so awesome! I wonder if I would have time to make something like that for my own… hmmm…

  2. I'm totally picturing Monty Python & The Holy Grail: "And there was much rejoicing! Yay!" If we were having guests at our wedding, I'd totally do that!

  3. Yay for Michele! 😀 I loved these when I saw them on her updates.

    • It's probably going to take a little while for her to check these comments because she's getting married today!!! So hang in there and I'm sure she'll fill in more details AND have pics of them being used at her wedding.

    • Hi! So happy everyone likes them. I put a few drops of glue on the sticks, mainly because I didn't want the flags sliding down the dowels. Then I folded the paper around, and did the stitching with a zipper foot- they ended up being fairly tight. It was super easy!

  4. I adore this idea! What a fun alternative to having something thrown at you that doubles a sweet keepsake.

  5. Is there a stencil or pattern to copy from somewhere? Also I dont sew, own a machine or know anyone that does, we’re not a crafty bunch! Glue will have to suffice, unless anyone has a better idea! Help! Thx.

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