Delicious wedding corsets and custom ensembles for brides and grooms from Dark Garden

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If you're thinking about rocking a corset on your wedding day — either over or under your outfit — first of all, let me just say that you're making an awesome choice. We love corsets. Second of all, you'd be making an even more awesome choice by getting your corset made by our super-hot sponsor Dark Garden Corsetry and Couture.

Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Dark Garden makes couture ensembles through a one-on-one design process for their brides and grooms. (Yes, grooms! Wait until you see that hotness.) In fact, Dark Garden's Proprietress, Autumn Adamme, is known throughout the corsetry world as the “Godmother of Modern Corsetry.” (She was even the keynote speaker for the second annual Oxford Conference of Corsetry in 2014 and the preferred corsetiere of Dita Von Teese!)

Needless to say, Dark Garden knows how to make amazing corsets for everyone…

Dark Garden corsets for all shapes and sizes

Left: Valentine corset. Right: Risqué Sweetheart corset
Left: Valentine corset. Right: Risqué Sweetheart corset

Dark Garden's corsetry fit and construction techniques work on real bodies of all sizes and proportions. Their Valentine corset is especially made for plus size sexiness. Their Tailored Cincher is for a deliciously masculine silhouette, and it even makes a comfortable alternative to doctor-recommended back-braces. Plus, with their finely tuned fit and adjustable lacing, corsets are more effective and more comfortable than stretch shapewear (which creates all-over pressure on the torso and is less breathable, ammaright?).

Dark Garden corsets for all couples



Did I not promise some hot corseted groom action!?
Did I not promise some hot corseted groom action!?

Clearly, Dark Garden corsets make excellent foundation garments for under or combined with any gown or tux. They are also a proudly queer-friendly business, and their inclusivity policy is bad ass, y'all. So is this quote from Proprietress Autumn Adamme:

I believe every person has the right to feel gorgeous, not only on their wedding day, but on any day they choose to make special. Through careful design and crafting, my company produces garments that flatter and fit with amazing comfort and that truly express each individual's personality and style. A well-made corset has a way of supporting one’s natural beauty and confidence in a way that no other garment can.

Dark Garden corsets for all budgets

dark garden

  • Get your hands on the ready-to-wear line (from $260) — available for fittings by their trained boutique staff or immediate take home in their San Francisco location.
  • Slip into something from their made-to-order signature collection in 2-4 weeks through their website (~$300-$800).
  • Custom order a bespoke corset in 2-3 months ($900-$1500)
  • Or, in a matter of three months, have Dark Garden create an entire bespoke ensemble for your wedding ($3,000-$15,000 — average is $4,000-$6,000).

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Purchase any corset from Dark Garden and receive a free, handmade thigh garter for your toss. Just mention this offer when you're picking up your corset, and they'll show you their array of currently available options.

Whether you walk into their San Francisco location or reach out to them on their site, you should let Dark Garden help you look like hot sex on a stick on your wedding day.

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Comments on Delicious wedding corsets and custom ensembles for brides and grooms from Dark Garden

  1. Oh my! I squee’d when I saw the white jacket style corset (in the two brides image) and then squee’d again at the corsetted groom. I need a fainting couch and a fan 🙂

    • Agreed!!
      I would love to try on one of those. I’m curious how my body would look.
      Awesome job 🙂

  2. I think seeing the grooms’ picture gave me the vapors. Way to deliver on that promise!

  3. I love Dark Garden! I now own two corsets from them and am considering a third possibly custom for the future. If you’re in SF, they are absolutely lovely to visit.

    They really have a great understanding of fit, and if you’ve never tried on a quality corset before, it’s an experience.

    One of my friends commissioned a corset vest for his wedding, and my goodness did he look amazing!

    • Please ask him if he’ll share a photo here… Men in corsets might be my new favorite thing.

      • Is there a full post for the corsetted groom featured here? Id love to see more from different angles

  4. I commissioned a custom corset from Dark Garden for my wedding last year. Absolutely special.

  5. I love hearing my friends “Wedding Dress” stories,
    Some are joyous and funny, some frustrating, and ridiculous!
    However, each story details countless hours of searching, trying on, taking off, twirling in front of the mirror.
    Mine goes like this:
    “I walked into Dark Garden and said, ‘Who wants to make my wedding dress?'”

    That was it.

    I had met Autumn a few years before, at an event at Maritime Hall.
    First I was mesmerized by her, the graceful way she moved, her lovely face, how present she was in the chaos of the club.
    THEN I saw the corsets…
    One of the models, who was performing that night, walked by with a rack full of…colors, ribbons, shiny, velvety, curvy…What was I even looking at?
    I nearly embarrassed myself, pawing my way through each one, wide-eyed and captivated, babbling “I want one. I want one. I want one.”

    I got Two!
    But one of them will always be my *Most Important Dress*

    It wasn’t just that it was stunningly beautiful…a candlelight colored, silk brocade corset with a skirt made of billowy silk gauze,
    but it was also the way it was made.
    Autumn listens, she’s intuitive, creative, and a perfectionist, and so are the artists who work with her!
    I trusted that when my wedding dress was finished, every stitch would be perfect.
    Every single delicate little stitch *was* perfect.

    I’ve kept in touch with Autumn, since then, and she has become one of my favorite people.
    Not only does she have a deep love for her work, but also her community.
    Her heart shines through in her support for local theater, historical societies, other local businesses, and of course, the LGBT community.
    She is an extraordinary woman on a mission to make us all feel Fabulous,
    and We Love Her!

  6. I got a Valentine corset semi-customized. Basically, I bought a few sizes up to accommodate my breasts and had it taken in to fit my waist and hips. I wore it under my wedding gown, with pleasure!

    I didn’t wear it the following year while pregnant, but I’m wearing it again this year post-partum whenever I need to wear a dress.

    Love it so much!

  7. I have a question-can you eat and sit while wearing one of these beauties?

  8. I know y’all don’t have total control over your ads and suggested views, but one of the current ones is to go to ‘time to break’ to see ’15 Vile Wedding Dresses That Will Hurt Your Eyes’. It kind of goes against the Offbeat Bride philosophy and to be honest most of the options in that slideshow it recommends are pretty classist.

    • We’ll add the word “vile” to our Outbrain filter list, which also includes horrific, tacky, disgusting, gross, ugly, and so many others….

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