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We've written before about adding something unexpected to your floral bouquet, but when I tweeted about this origami necklace, Offbeat Bride Gemma tweeted back:

Of course you could do this with any small charm or necklace, wrapping it into your bouquet to add a little extra texture, or a meaningful symbol. What would you stick in there?!

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  1. When I was married the first time around, at the base of the flowers was a brooch from my grandmother pinned into the ribbon of the bouquet and nestled against a piece of lace from my mother’s wedding dress, and a bit of fabric from a quilt sewn by my great grandmother. The ribbon used to tie up the bouquet was a light lavender in remembrance of a friend who had passed a few years before. It was so meaningful to walk down the aisle with the memories of all these people who meant so much to me!

  2. I wrapped my bouquet with a chain with three lockets. Each locket contained a photo of someone who had passed – my grandmother, grandfather, and a friend. On the back of the programs we wrote little blurbs about each of the lockets so that our guests knew who was missing too!

  3. for my engagement ring, my FH got us matching silver rings from a seller on etsy. mine says “i love you” & his says “i know.” (gold star if you know the reference!) i will be tying our engagement rings together & putting them around the base of my brooch bouquet so everyone can see them.

  4. I’ve been trying to figure out a good way of incorporating an old German tradition of incorporating bread into the bouquet. Maybe I could cheat a little and find a loaf charm :).

  5. My bouquet had a horseshoe in it! It’s my mother-in-law’s family tradition to have a horseshoe, although mine was much smaller and (i think) cuter than hers was in the 80’s. We bought a horseshoe necklace on etsy, and just wound it into the bouquet!

    BUT! A warning! Make sure someone pulls it back out before the flowers get composted at the end!

    photo!: (by Crimson and Clover Photography)

  6. My bouquet has a blue feather in it, to represent the blue feather used for marriage proposals in the video game Harvest Moon. 🙂 I also plan on having a charm dangling from it. Either a key (meaning “happy home”) or an anchor (“stability”, that and I like ocean/nautical stuff).

  7. When my hubby proposed, he gave me a harvest knot (from an old Celtic tradition, where harvest knots were part of the Harvest Festival Lughnasa celebrations, and were exchanged as love tokens between boys and girls). We untied it and re-wrapped it around my bouquet so I had a way to include it at the wedding. 🙂

  8. I love the idea of including a memorial photo on the bride’s (and even the bride’s maids’) bouquets.
    I wish I’d thought of it when I got married…many, many years ago 🙂

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