Show off your fancy footwork with barefoot sandals

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Photo by Jane Nyboer
Ashley's soulless sandals fancifying her heels! Photo by Oliver Cox

The handmade barefoot sandals from Ashley and Oliver's wedding on the dunes are a testament to perfect beachwear. Ashley and her bridesmaids used them for easy walking on the beach during the ceremony, which makes total sense. But you can actually use these to embellish a pair of plain sandals or shoes too since they are essentially just foot jewelry. I had to investigate what was out there and if these can be easily DIYed.

Barefoot sandals originated in South Asia where they were used purely as decoration at festivals and events. The good thing is that they can be made out of pretty much any material you can think of: ribbon, hemp, beads, gemstones (non-sharp!), wood, or yarn. Just be sure not to use any metals if you'll be out in the sun. They can get hot and burn your tootsies. So check out this eye candy to inspire you to think outside the shoe for a beach or forest wedding, or if your wedding shoes need some pieces of flair.

Multicolored bead barefoot sandals
Multicolored bead soulles sandals
Pom-pom barefoot sandals
Pom-pom barefoot sandals
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This intricate beading rocks. Source:


This tutorial from Youtuber Mikeyssmall uses thin yarn and beads. The measurements seem useful for any material though. Let us know if you end up wearing barefoot sandals or even DIYing your own.

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  1. I’m wearing barefoot sandals to my wedding in October! They’re being made by one of my best friends and member of my bridal party. I’ve given her pretty much free reign to do with them what she likes within a certain color scheme. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

  2. I design barefoot sandals that are bought for weddings all over the world and for cool beach sunset parties.

    I have found that barefoot sandals are becoming very trendy.
    I truly believe that is a bareffot sandal design for every woman.

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