10 tips for wearing a wedding corset (+ a trunk show in Seattle!)

Guest post by Marianne Faulkner
10 tips for wearing a wedding corset
Dark Garden Couture: Left corset art directed by Pop Antique with embellishment by Sparklewren, Karolina Laskowska, Neon Duchess, & Laurie Tavan. Right corset Dollymop for Dark Garden “Alyscia” | Millinery: Kalico Delafay & Pop Antique | Photo © Gaede Glass Photography

Corsets are a major element of bridal fashion. Since most wedding dresses have some corset structures built into them, it's not surprising that some opt to go full steam and wear a “real” corset as a visible or foundation element to their wedding look. Here are some things to keep in mind if you're tempted by the idea of special occasion corsetry…

(And keep scrolling for more information about a a Trunk Show for fab corsets in Seattle on May 12th!)

10 tips for wearing a wedding corset
Corset: Dark Garden “Valentine” | Millinery: Kalico Delafay | Model: Miss If ‘N Whendy | Photo © Loic Nicolos
  • A corset can help create (or dramatize) an hourglass silhouette as well as providing amazing strapless bust support, no matter how well endowed your bosom
  • If you want a dramatic low-back look, a custom corset is a must
  • Custom corsets are time-consuming to make – start the process well in advance
  • If you're planning to wear a foundation corset under your dress, be sure to bring some sort of sample to fittings so you can make sure the necklines match and the waist of the dress is suitably tailored
  • A corset may actually add a bit of bulk around the ribs as it reduces your waist, so don't expect it to work wonders if you buy your perfect dress and it's two sizes too small! (A corset also won't make your hips smaller.)
10 tips for wearing a wedding corset
Dark Garden “Edward” corset vest & Pop Antique for Dark Garden “Shirtwaist Corset” | Millinery: Kalico Delafay | Models: James Alvarez & Lex Lima | Photo © Loic Nicolas

  • Corsets aren't just for women/femmes – there are some striking options for men and MOC types as well
  • Make sure you know your limits for eating and drinking in a corset – bubbles are extra risky, so watch out for those toasts! You don't want to be distracted by feeling uncomfortable, so stick to smaller portions without necessarily cutting back on food overall.
10 tips for wearing a wedding corset
Dollymop for Dark Garden Couture | Model: Cat Mitchell | Photo © Loic Nicolas

  • Test how well you can both dance and sit down in your corset – you'll want full range of motion for such an important day!
  • To rock a corseted wedding “dress,” it usually works out better to plan for bridal separates: a skirt and corset as two distinct pieces
  • You might have plenty of opportunities to re-wear your corset after your wedding if you choose a style and color that represents your own personal style – not just what's expected of wedding attire

10 tips for wearing a wedding corset

Seattle Trunk Show Event

To our friends and fans in the Pacific Northwest, we've got an event just for you! We are teaming up with Pretty Parlor, a Seattle boutique/vintage shop, for a trunk show next month. We'll come fully equipped with our standard fit corsets for off-the-rack and made-to-order purchases.

This is the perfect opportunity to order a corset for waist training, bridal foundation, or back support. There will be samples of all of Dark Garden's corset styles, each available in 11 sizes. For those looking for something extra special, there will be an option to place a Personalized Fit or Personalized Design order. In fact, Dark Garden is sending their two best fit experts to this show, including owner Autumn Adamme, AKA “The Godmother of Modern Corsetry.” And just to sweeten the deal, Pretty Parlor is offering 15% off the entire store the day of the show.


Saturday, May 12, 2018
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM


Pretty Parlor
119 Summit Avenue East
Seattle, WA, 98102 United States


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  1. Corsets also typically need to be ‘broken in’ by wearing repeatedly to fit properly and be as comfortable as possible. (While some parts don’t have much give, other parts do change shape a bit with heat and humidity, which customizes the fit even more.) So plan to get your wedding corset enough in advance that you can wear it around the house or whatever you feel comfortable doing (I’ve worn one out under a sweatshirt so it wasn’t obvious.)

    It’s also a good idea to gradually increase the time you’re wearing a corset if you’re not used to one, so the breaking in period gives you time to do that as well. (Corsets change the way you hold your body, so some of it is getting used to the feel and some of it is actually building muscles/strength a bit in places you may not use as much un-corseted.) That way on the day of you’re as comfortable as possible in your corset and can wear it until whenever you plan on changing.

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