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matching wedding shoes

Kiely and Rob wore matching “his and hers” pink saddle shoes for their wedding. No matter if it's a “his and hers” or “hers and hers” or “his and his” situation, wearing matching Chucks, Toms, creepers, Oxfords, flip flops, heels, flats etc., would be a sweet little detail.

(Psst: It looks like Kiely is wearing Rachel Antonoff for Bass' “Saddled with Sweetness Heel” — the pink has sold out, but it's available in black and white polka dots! I can't pin down Rob's shoes though.)

The point is, matching shoes are ADORBZ.

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      • Hell yeah, Fluevogs are the shit. First time I EVER said, “you know what, this brand of shoes is my favorite” was for JF. That man knows style. I am determined to wear fluevogs for my wedding, only… they don’t sell the ones I want anymore-and I haven’t seem up for sale or trade either! Poo.

  1. That’s what my mister and I are doing, we’re both wearing wingtip shoes 🙂 Mine are in heel form!

  2. My fiancee and I each ordered a pair of custom Chuck Taylors for our wedding. Glow in the dark! He wouldn’t settle for anything less! Hehe!

  3. We were inspired by the picture on the article titled ‘grooms want to be fairy princesses too’ I found on here. The couple in the picture have matching lime green shoes which is what we’d like.

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