Lara & Hunter’s tea party wedding with feathers and hats

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 | Photography by Jen Martin Studios

The Offbeat Bride: Lara

Her offbeat partner: Hunter, MMA Coach, Fighter, and Gym Manager

Date and location of wedding: The Crystal Ballroom at the Leopold, Bellingham, WA — May 1, 2014

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We actually didn't want a huge wedding, and we both wanted to get married in different seasons, so we compromised and met in the middle. He wanted summer and I wanted winter, so we chose spring. I really enjoy tea parties and vintage style, so I got to decide on that part, and Hunter got to pick the food. We both agreed on fancy hats and tons of dancing since these fit both of our personalities. With the help of family and friends, we spent $2000, mostly by buying things online.






Tell us about the ceremony:
We had our friend Nicole perform the ceremony, we read our own vows, and used ribbon for a handfasting. I had been in a lot of weddings before, so we kept it short and sweet, but I did cry!


Our biggest challenge:
Stress was a challenge. Some of our family members are very traditional. I started out doing what people expected of me only to realize I needed to do what I wanted or I was going to miss out on really making it about us. I really learned that pleasing everyone is just not possible.



My favorite moment:
I loved helping everyone get ready at my house and doing my mother-in-law's makeup. There was also some smushing of cake in Hunter's brother's face as well as his wife's, since they got my husband at their wedding when he was the best man. We also loved the dancing and singing karaoke with everyone.




My funniest moment:
My grandparent realizing I had a fake bird on my hat was a very funny moment.





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  1. Guh TO DIE FOR! Lara’s dress is spectacular, and everything looks so happy in the photos!

  2. I have a collection of fancy hats, so it’s always been my plan to incorporate them into my wedding. I love, love, love how you did it.

  3. Lara is a friend of mine, I am so sad I missed the wedding (I had moved) !! The wedding was so much like Lara’s snd Hunter’s personality, I can tell by the great pictures! What a beautiful couple!!

  4. Can I just say that everything about this wedding is spectacular, but gah..the hats! THE HATS. The bride’s dress with the hat? Freakin’ fabulous. You look like you should be on the cover of a magazine called Sassy and Glamour Gorgeousness. FANTASTICO!

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