Mary and Andrew were married in Blaine, Washington at Peace Arch International Park, which is between Surrey, British Columbia and Blaine, Washington. One foot of the Peace Arch is anchored in American soil and the other in Canadian. It's lovely symbolism for peace, and of course, for marriage (especially since Mary is American and Andrew is Canadian!).

It's also Geek Week, where we celebrate our nerdy and pop culture-loving comrades, and this wedding totally fits the bill with comic books and old school Nintendo references. Shindig Events was their day-of coordinator and Crimson and Clover Photography captured all of the moments and shared it with us.





















For lots more photos, check out Crimson and Clover's blog post.

photography: Crimson and Clover Photography
planners: Shindig Events

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Comments on Piranha plants and comic books at Peace Arch Park

    • I think it was one of our best choices…we’d only ever been to one wedding together and remembered having a lot of down time between ceremony and dinner, so we brought a couple bags of board games from our own collection (supplemented by some parental contributions) and some colorful tablecloths, and I think it made a huge difference in the guests’ experience of the afternoon. (though I’m kinda sad we didn’t get a chance to play!)

    • I squeed when I saw Bohnanza! My friends and I LOVE this game – though we usually just call it “Beans”. 🙂

  1. Oh my gosh…I’m so upset I didn’t think of the Peace Arch. I’m American (from Washington) and my future hubby is Canadian, and we spend a really large portion of our lives driving back and forth through the Peace Arch border to visit family.

    Such a great idea!

    • Let me tell you…it was no easy feat! I was their planner & had an assistant help me & the chair delivery company get everything laid out. It was challenging going from the parking lot at the park down the hill, crossing traffic, unloading, then going up & down 3 more times! SO….it can be done & was SOOOOO TOTALLY AMAZING. There’s power in one of the bushes (the NE corner one, BTW), so you can plug in speakers. Did I say it was amazing? It was amazing…. ; )

  2. Everything looks amazing!!! I absolutely LOVE those wine glasses, must try to make them! Did someone make the Mario coasters or buy them?? Also, I LOVE Pit! We recently shared that game with some friends, it made for some super loud and intense fun 🙂 Congrats!!!!

    • I think they were hand made or Etsy…I can’t recall! Hopefully the bride will chime in here… ; ) She did some super cool stuff that totally represented her & Andrew!

      • (bride here!) That whole basket of goodies–wine glasses, shot glasses, comic books, coasters and pacman wine charms (which are in the shot glasses in the photo, and are awesome)–were handmade by our groomslady, well, except the comic books, I suppose. Since they were gifted to Andrew while he was getting ready, I didn’t see any of it until after the ceremony, and while we were going upstairs to dinner, he told me “wait til you see the wine glasses!!”

        We are literally still using them as our primary wine glasses now, four months later. Because they are amazing.

  3. This is one of the cutest weddings I’ve seen since I subscribed. The garden – gorgeous, the board games, the Canada/US border. Just lovely and wonderful and romantic. I wish my fiance and I could do that, but there’s really not a border between the US and France! 🙂

  4. Congrats! This wedding looks like it was tons of fun! And I love the location. I go over this border so often and its really cool to know that such beautiful acts can be performed here 🙂

  5. Great wedding!! I am wondering.. since bride is American and groom is Canadian, where do currently live together? Congratulations to the couple!!

    • The groom was living and working in the States before we met, and we’re still living here 🙂 We are not ruling out sometime living in Canada, though, if employment and family things allow.

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