Vintage snack: looking fine in Mobile Bay circa 1981

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First of all, these two look like movie stars. They are both dreamy. The bride looks amazing in her gauzy, lacy dress with the cute neckline. And check out the groom's ascot and piped lapel. These two had a seaside ceremony in Alabama with a reception at a wharf. This wharf, not this one.

And apparently the wedding had famous crab cakes, making it a wedding I would have loved to attend. So while I go look up where to buy both ascots and crab cakes, you enjoy what Miranda had to say about her awesome genes… I mean her awesome parents' wedding:

This photo was taken at my parents' wedding on August 8, 1981 in Fairhope, AL. They had a seaside wedding in a church on Mobile Bay, with their reception held on my grandparents' wharf overlooking the water. The story I've heard most about their wedding is about picking all the crabs themselves the day before the wedding, so my grandmother could make her famous crab cakes. Their 30th wedding anniversary is coming up this year, and they are more in love than ever!

Do you have vintage wedding photos hidden away? Email me! Try to include as much info as you know about the photo, plus your Tribe or personal URL, if you have one.

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Comments on Vintage snack: looking fine in Mobile Bay circa 1981

  1. Adorable!
    I love the sweet & simple approach.
    bet those crab cakes were amazing!

  2. you made me snort-choke on my coffee with that worf joke. totally didn’t see it coming. bravo.

    I love the pic. When did we go from THAT 80’s to poofy, toule and big hair 80’s? 😉 lol

    • It’s like everything is bigger in Texas, except everything is bigger in the ’80s.

  3. Ohhh so much Mobile/Baldwin County love. <3 I love when Eastern Shore weddings get featured– I live here. There's so much pride and it's such a wonderful place.

    Which church in Fairhope? My parents married at First Baptist of Fairhope in the 80's! 🙂

  4. Omg I am having a freakout. I found this dress at a hippie thrift in Omaha! I wore it before my wedding and the day after! How AMAZING!

  5. The plunging/high neck is called a “Queen Anne” neckline for future reference. Really is a stunning style and works great for girls with larger girls, keeps ’em reigned in but with impressive cleavage action. When cut a little higher, it lends a very regal feeling to pretty much any dress, see “Middleton, Kate.”

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