Vintage snack: Ghost brides, mirrors, and black cats

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Elegant Edwardian wedding

A spooky “ghost” hiding in the window, a black cat following their path… it can only mean that it's Halloween week! Regardless of the ominous details in this shot, I love her giant bouquet and his long jacket. The bride's long, puffed sleeve and tiered hem is gorgeous too.

the white bride

Sometimes a little overexposure can do wonders for creating an eerie effect, this time in the form of a ghost bride! Since the date is right on there, we know it's July 4, 1939, but in our hearts, it's a ghostly apparition. Her veil creates the most amazing silhouette for the illusion.

Married on Halloween - 1931
Now here is a wedding that actually took place on Halloween. It's colorized, but I totally hope the bride was wearing a pink dress. These cuties were married in Ontario, Canada in 1931.

Vintage Halloween Postcard     H.I.R

There was an old superstition that said if someone were to go down the cellar stairs backward on Halloween carrying a mirror, a face will be seen over their shoulder which will be that of their future husband. If you try this, don't fall down the stairs!

Vintage Halloween Postcard     H.I.R

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  1. There’s something in me that, despite hating the gender/sexuality issues behind most of these things, effing adores weird little superstitions and traditions from days gone by. For instance? Peeling an apple in a single unbroken piece by candelight and chucking it over your shoulder will reveal your future husband’s initial. Bonus? Impress the pee out of your friends when you can peel an apple in a single, unbroken piece.

  2. Love love love the vintage snack!
    She very well could have a pink dress. If this was tinted at the time they would have colored it to match reality.

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